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Protein for Breakfast

Getting your day started on the right foot is very important to keeping your metabolism functioning properly as the day goes along -- which significantly impacts your ability to metabolize cholesterol correctly. Many individuals do not eat adequate dietary protein at breakfast -- or even worse tend to skip breakfast because they are in a hurry. This tends to result in extra cravings for food later in the day and/or a poor energy level that requires extra stimulates and food just to "keep going. Adequate protein at breakfast is the foundation of healthy metabolism.*

To compensate for this common problem I designed Daily Protein Plus to provide the finest whey protein, a cholesterol-friendly serving of oat beta glucan, and a serving of the potent antioxidant fruit called Mangosteen. This is a great way to start the day and can even be mixed with extra fiber (described above) as desired.

The FDA allows the following health claim for Daily Protein Plus:

Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 3 grams of soluble fiber per day from oat beta glucan may reduce risk of heart disease. One serving of Daily Protein Plus provides 0.75 grams of this soluble fiber.

  • Fiber Helper

    Fiber Helper™ provides a great source of three different soluble fibers that help absorb toxic waste products like a sponge: oat beta glucan, psyllium, and arabinogalactan. Many people do not get enough fiber because they do not eat enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Adequate fiber is essential for your bowels to move well and the final elimination of toxins, as well as normal blood sugar and insulin response to a meal.*

    139 525 grams $41.00 $30.75
    25% off!
  • Daily Protein Plus Oat

    A high protein breakfast can significantly increase metabolic rate and help stabilize blood sugar levels. Daily Protein Plus™ contains the finest-quality whey protein available. It is produced using a ceramic filtration process to leave protein molecules undamaged. It also naturally contains branch chain amino acids that provide specific support for healthy insulin function in muscles. Whey protein is an ideal protein for metabolism (avoid soy protein - it may crash your thyroid).*

    50 2 lb. $60.00 $45.00
    25% off!
  • Daily Protein Unflavored

    Grass-fed, pasture-raised whey protein isolate. 26 grams bioactive whey protein per scoop, 6g BCAAs, 30 scoops per container. No sweeteners or flavors of any kind!

    203 2 lb. $60.00 $45.00
    25% off!
  • Daily Protein Plus Chocolate

    Grass-fed, pasture-raised bioactive whey protein with organic cocoa and fiber. No sweeteners! Highest quality whey protein isolate makes an excellent breakfast! 21 grams protein per scoop, 5g fiber, 30 scoops per container.

    206 2 lb. $60.00 $45.00
    25% off!
  • Daily Protein Plus Vanilla

    Grass-fed whey protein with prebiotic fiber and organic vanilla bean. No sweeteners. Tastes great, mixes well. Excellent for breakfast!

    209 2 lb. $60.00 $45.00
    25% off!