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Successful Remodeling

Cellulite, once in motion, can be described as a remodeling job gone bad. It is not that your body does not know how to fix itself. It is not that estrogen is supposed to be causing this problem. During evolution your genes did not have to figure out how to deal with excessive pollution, unrelenting stress, a lack of fitness, poor diet quality, and too much food. In essence, important survival systems have been turned against themselves when there is cellulite.

You need to straighten this problem out, which means getting multiple health issues all working in a better direction as described in the previous sections. Once you get the cellulite issue headed in the right direction then you have to implement a correct remodeling process. Remember, the cellulite area is full of extra connective tissue in a tattered and useless formation and damaged fat cells that dont work right. If you showed up at a construction site faced with a house in this condition the first thing you would do is take down all the improper and damaged things and cart off the trash. And that is exactly what your body will do if given the chance.

Your body does this with its own protease enzymes these are enzymes that dissolve tattered structure so that it can be carted off by your lymph and circulatory system. Unfortunately the ability of your body to make these enzymes declines with age and/or fatigue.

Thankfully, natural extracts from fruits like pineapple (bromelain) and papaya (papain) can provide a boost of helpful protease enzymes to help clean house in the cellulite area. Our best product for this purpose is Repair Plus, which contains full strength versions of these enzymes. Most products on the market contain watered-down extracts of 1/6 potency. We also include the finest quality curcumin and quercetin, nutrients that help to calm down wear and tear and help quench free radicals in the cellulite area so that repair can proceed in an orderly manner. Think of Repair Plus as a natural Pac-man that can get in there and do a good job of house cleaning in tattered tissue areas like cellulite.*

Repair efforts can be further enhanced by providing additional antioxidants that have a high affinity for skin as well as nutrients that assist in the formation of new and healthy connective tissue. An ideal product in this regard is Skin Rejuvenator. It contains the excellent skin antioxidants of green tea, lycopene, and grape seed extract along with the tissue strengthening nutrients glucosamine, MSM Sulfur and once again the grape seed extract. Additional helpful information on rejuvenating your body can be found on the Rejuvenation health topic page.*

  • Repair Plus
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    This product contains enzymes that help clean up debris from the cellulite area while helping to calm down wear and tear. It is crucial for helping to clear the way for a healthier skin structure to take the place of the cellulite. It also helps reduce the swelling and fluid retention that accompanies cellulite – as well as generally assisting recovery from moderate aches or pains.*.

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  • Skin Rejuvenator
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    Skin Rejuvenator™ contains important nutrients for connective tissue formation and the structural integrity of collagen, including glucosamine, MSM sulfur, and grape seed proanthocyanidins. These nutrients support formation of new tissue as well as strengthening existing tissue that may have been stressed. Also included are the special antioxidant nutrients lycopene and green tea, known to help protect your skin from chemicals and sun exposure.*

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