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Weight Management Supplements

Leptin is the single most important hormone that regulates your body weight. It is the boss of thyroid hormone, insulin, growth hormone, and adrenal hormones (like cortisol). Understanding leptin and working in harmony with it opens an entire new world of possibilities to maintain and attain optimal metabolic function.

Leptin is known as the fat hormone because it is made in your white adipose tissue, or stored fat. Following a meal leptin is released from your fat, enters your blood, and travels to your brain. It delivers a message that you are full and also lets your subconscious brain know how much fuel you have on hand (like the gas gauge in your car).

If you are overweight, one of the simple case leptin problems is that your leptin "gas gauge" is sticky, and leptin is not entering your brain correctly (leptin resistance). This produces a false state of perceived starvation, which means you feel hungry and your subconscious brain thinks your fuel tank is near empty, even though you have plenty of stored fat on hand. This causes you to eat more food than you really need to eat.
You must keep leptin in a state of healthy balance for your metabolism to work correctly and your appetite to be under control. This is not a situation where you take leptin hormone as a substance. This is a case wherein diet, exercise, lifestyle (stress management in particular), restful sleep, and various nutrients all help to optimize leptin function in your body. I have designed a number of dietary supplements to assist you with basic leptin nutrition. Our most popular weight management supplements are in the convenience pack called the Leptin Control Pack®.*

A brief description of these supplements is listed next, followed by in-depth information about how they work. We then explain a number of other leptin related topics and how nutrition can help.

Best Leptin & Weight Management Supplements:

  • Leptin Control Pack®
    Reduced price!

    This is our most popular support package for weight management. Take one pack in the morning and one pack in the middle of the afternoon to sustain energy and burn calories.* Each individually wrapped packet contains: 1-Leptinal®, 1-Thyroid Helper®, 1-Stress Helper®, 1-LeptiSlim®, 1-Cinnamon Plus™, and 1-Quercetin.

    97 60 packets $149.00 $119.20
    20% off!
  • Leptinal®

    This weight management booster is designed to help reduce body fat and prevent excess fat from blocking the function of leptin and thyroid hormone. Better leptin entry into your brain helps your subconscious brain make TRH (thyroid-releasing hormone), in turn enabling proper TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) signaling. It also helps metabolism function in a manner that promotes fat burning instead of fat storage.*

    25% off!
  • LeptiSlim®

    Cravings for sweets and carbohydrates, along with weight gain, put major stress on thyroid function. LeptiSlim® helps curb appetite, reduce food cravings, increase metabolism and promote stable blood sugar. It is one of our best nutritional supplements to help overcome food cravings.*

    123 90 capsules $36.00 $27.00
    25% off!
  • Green Tea Extract
    Reduced price!
    Estimated ship date: 02/07 - 02/14

    Highest quality green tea extract for weight management.*

    113 90 capsules $28.00 $22.40
    20% off!
    Estimated ship date: 02/07 - 02/14