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Adrenal Burnout and Exhaustion

When your adrenal glands have been working too hard for too long they simply may not be able to keep up. Sometimes this is triggered by emotional loss, physical pain, or simply prolonged stress. Things just start feeling too out-of-control or overwhelming.

Your adrenals are the foundation for your entire ability to adapt to anything. This system talks to other systems, such as your subconscious brain (the HPA axis hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenals). There is another communication loop that goes between your adrenals, thymus gland (emotions-sadness), and serotonin nerves (right brain-state of mood).

The out-of-control feeling tracks to HPA axis strain. Any suggestions given in the other adrenal pages are likely to help keep the HPA axis in better balance and harmony and help with your burntout feelings. If needed, PhosphatidylSerine (PS) can provide significant nourishment to the HPA axis and help promote a feeling of being more in control.*

A sad or apathetic feeling tracks to strain in the thymus-adrenal connection. The thymus gland has receptors for Co-enzyme Q10 all over its surface and Q10 not only helps adrenal energy it helps the thymus directly. Both PS and Q10 can be used together to help offset acute situations and get you back on track and feeling better.*

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    Builds highly electrical brain cells, the fastest acting nutrient for short-term memory, focus, and coordination. Helps improve the function of the adrenal based stress response system enabling your core limbic system to better process stress demands in an appropriate way. Many students use this nutrient to help boost memory retention while studying and offset the stress associated with an upcoming test.*

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