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Digestion & Immunity

Your digestive tract is the primary place of interaction between your immune system and foreign cells. The 3-5 pound mass of foreign cells that exist at any one time in your gut actually contain more cells than your body! In essence, this foreign cell mass is a type of "metabolic organ" that is vital to your digestion and health. 

Much of your immune system is located in close proximity to these foreign cells, in an effort to keep tabs on what is going on and to ensure everything remains in a friendly state of balance. Many types of bacteria and the yeast Candida albicans are supposed to be in a friendly state of happy balance. Nutrients can assist in this endeavor.*

Assisting the lining of the GI tract to remain stable is the goal of Quercetin, while GI & Muscle Helper provides direct nutrition to the lining of your digestive tract.*

The super strains of friendly flora in Super Dophilus help improve the digestion of carbohydrates while assisting in promoting a health balance of friendly organisms within your digestive tract.*

Extra fiber not only assists your gut in the elimination of trash, it acts as a pre-biotic that acts as a substrate for the production of friendly flora.*

  • GI & Muscle Helper
    Reduced price!

    Supports the integrity of the digestive tract lining. It also helps improve muscle repair and strength. May help dry eyes or dryness issues in general.*

    75 238 grams $30.00 $16.50
    45% off!
  • Quercetin
    Reduced price!

    A natural bioflavonoid that helps sinuses, skin, bone health, nerves, and toxin clearance in the GI tract. It is a helpful nutrient for congestion, mild allergies, or breathing issues.*

    20% off!
  • Super Dophilus
    Reduced price!

    Contains six super-strains of friendly flora/ probiotics for GI health and digestion. This is an excellent option for building up good bacteria in the digestive tract. May help gas or bloating.*

    71 100 capsules $24.00 $19.20
    20% off!
  • Fiber Helper
    Reduced price!

    Provides an easy way to boost your fiber intake. This product is high in oat beta-glucan. It has a pleasant, light oat taste and mixes well. Helps absorb and clear toxins and cholesterol.*

    139 525 grams $41.00 $32.80
    20% off!
  • d-Limonene
    Reduced price!

    d-Limonene is a natural oil found in orange peels. It supports digestive health, detoxification, gallbladder health, metabolism, and immune health.*

    116 120 capsules $24.00 $19.20
    20% off!
  • Vital UT - New!
    Reduced price!

    Vital UT is a powerful blend of nutrients for urinary tract health, fluid balance, immunity, and GI tract support. It includes high antioxidant cranberry extract, d-mannose, whole mangosteen fruit, and friendly flora.*

    220 81 grams $35.00 $28.00
    20% off!