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Enzymes for Repair

Repair Plus is our top product to assist your body to clean up wear and tear and support your natural processes of recovery. It is a mixture of the finest quality bromelain, papain, curcumin, and quercetin. It is our most popular supplement to help you through you day without minor aches and pains.*

Bromelain (from pineapples) and papain (from papaya) are known as proteolytic enzymes (or proteases). These enzymes break down protein into smaller pieces. When taken as a supplement some will assist digestion and the rest are absorbed into the body to assist with natural repair and house cleaning.*

An interesting question arises: how do proteolytic enzymes know to digest food or clean up body debris, but not digest normal structures of the body? The answer involves the structure of the enzyme itself. Many proteolytic enzymes have sulfur in their structure, and based on evolutionary experience are able to tell
the difference between healthy structure and tattered structure needing repair or other waste products needing removal. By contrast, many infections produce acid-based proteolytic enzymes that directly damage healthy structures (part of the wear and tear of fighting a bug).*

Proteolytic enzymes from bromelain and papain assist in the natural recovery from exercise as well as the routine recovery of normal wear and tear. They help to remove debris from the circulatory system, promoting healthy circulation.*

In our product we use the finest full strength bromelain available, not the cheap watered-down bromelain so often used. Consumers are often confused by the various systems of measuring enzyme potency (milligrams alone is not enough), enabling many manufacturers to use low potency bromelain on unsuspecting customers. Bromelain is commonly measured by gelatin dissolving units (GDU) or milk clotting units (MCU). One GDU is equivalent to about 1.5 MCU. Our full strength bromelain has a very high potency (2400 GDU/gram). Thus, 150 mg of our bromelain has the same potency as 450 mg of bromelain standardized for 1200 MCU (a commonly used strength).

Quercetin has a stabilizing affect on the immune system, helping various types of immune cells maintain their composure under stress. Quercetin is known to modulate the behavior of the gene signal NF-kappaB, the crucial signal determining how a cell naturally manages stress.*

Curcumin is a natural spice containing biologically active components known as curcuminoids. Our product uses a standardized extract providing a very high concentration of 95% curcuminoids. Curcuminoids are excellent antioxidants. Like quercetin, curcuminoids are a natural substance shown to help modulate NF-kappaB. In animal experiments it was found that such modulation by curcuminoids was supportive of joint health.*

  • Repair Plus
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    Repair Plus™ contains the highest potency purified papain and bromelain available. Papain and bromelain are called proteolytic enzymes, a type of enzyme the body uses to naturally assist routine repair and recovery from the demands of normal wear and tear. This formula also uses the highest grade curcumin available, a special extract of 95% curcuminoids and highly purified quercetin (a bioflavonoid).*

    82 100 capsules $42.00 $33.60
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  • Turmeric Gold
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    Turmeric Gold contains a patented, water-dispersible turmeric extract with superior curcuminoid bioavailability.

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