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Body Weight, Kidneys, Salt Sensitivity, and Blood Pressure

In the process of normal metabolism, nerves must stimulate stored fat (white adipose tissue). However, if a person is overweight then nerves tend to excessively stimulate stored fat because that fat is somewhat numb and less metabolically responsive.

Extra nerve drive is a form of stress to the kidneys that can strain blood pressure fitness. The kidneys are a blood filter and must work efficiently to support proper blood pressure function. Salt sensitivity (too much fluid retention after salt intake) is also a sign of related kidney stress. Carnosine is an antioxidant that has been shown to directly protect the kidneys from such nerve-driven and salt-related stress.*

Carnosine has a general rejuvenating effect on body tissues, helping them to maintain elasticity. Carnosine also protects collagen-rich tissues from sugar residues that may promote stiffening. These anti-caramelizing and anti-aging properties of carnosine are the subject of intense scientific study.*

The various nutritional functions of carnosine make it a beneficial nutrient for heart strength, kidney integrity, and blood pressure fitness, especially if you are working on weight management program and/ or you notice you are salt sensitive.*

  • Carnosine
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    Carnosine is naturally concentrated in the heart, kidneys, and muscles. It participates in the antioxidant process, as well as helping to maintain the flexibility of the collagen in these vital organs. It is an important nutrient to modulate nerve stress and salt sensitivity on kidney function, supporting the kidneys to have an easier time regulating normal and healthy blood pressure.*

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