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Kids Digestive & Immune Health

One of the big challenges for infants and small children is to evolve a healthy digestive tract, including a normal balance of power, immune system recognition, and digestive competence.

Immune Plus is a powder and easy to mix into liquid. It is excellent support for infants and kids of all ages.

There are some quite helpful nutrients to naturally support your child's immune system.*

Cutting out sugar is also helpful for digestive immune balance and a strong immune defense.

  • Immune Plus
    Reduced price!

    An excellent supplement for efficient immune cell function. It specifically supports healthy lymph circulation and may reduce excess congestion or pressure in the shoulders, neck, or ears. Immune Plus™ comes in a powder or capsule form and is among our top immune supplements for children as well as adults.*

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  • Grape Seed Extract 200mg
    Reduced price!

    High quality red grape seed extract. Supports the strength of all body tissue.*

    134 100 capsules $21.00 $16.80
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  • Daily Protector Eye & Immune
    Reduced price!

    Broad-spectrum antioxidant formula for daily immune support, eye health, and skin health. Boosts antioxidant concentrates; important if lacking vegetables in the diet. High in lutein, lycopene, and bilberry to support eye health.*

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  • Super Dophilus
    Reduced price!

    Contains six super-strains of friendly flora/ probiotics for GI health and digestion. This is an excellent option for building up good bacteria in the digestive tract. May help gas or bloating.*

    71 100 capsules $29.00 $23.20
    20% off!