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Thyroid and Adrenal Connection

Your adrenals and thyroid work in harmony with each other. Many books on adrenals list all the symptoms of low thyroid as adrenal problems and vice versa. There are differences. Morning energy, stress tolerance, and aerobic fitness are primarily adrenal issues. Thyroid issues are more about afternoon energy level, being too cold, and feeling mentally sluggish or heavy headed (adrenals issues go more with brain fog).

Thyroid sets your basic supply of energy for your body to use. Not having enough automatically stresses your adrenals if there is an increased demand for needed energy. Conversely, tired adrenals make it so your body gets too inflamed from even normal activities forcing your thyroid to go slower than it would like so that you dont overheat and burn up. Ongoing stress can wreak havoc with these problems.

If you are someone who struggles with a long list of adrenal and thyroid symptoms then you have to nurse both systems back on at the same time. A good way to do this is to use basic thyroid support along with basic adrenal support.

In order to get these systems back into good condition you must find an amount of exercise you can do on a consistent basis and then gradually increase the amount. When you can get a refreshing response to aerobic type exercise that is done at least three times a week, then both your adrenal and thyroid system will be working better. Dont push too hard with exercise, be consistent and gradually improve what you can do.

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