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Prenatal Supplements

Your nutritional status prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy is essential to the health and development of your child. Ensure you get the highest quality, most important nutrients and vitamins for prenatal health.

Preparing for Pregnancy

Ideally, you should be of proper body weight and eat in harmony with the fat and pregnancy hormone leptin, before getting pregnant. Various macro and micro nutrients are vital for proper pregnancy preparation and intellectual development of your child, and are best to start taking prior to conception. Special attention should also be given to your history of stress and depression, thyroid issues (or a family history of thyroid issues), and dieting history. There is a right way to do it.

During pregnancy your body is called upon to work overtime to build another body. Any metabolic weak spot existing prior to pregnancy will now be magnified. This is especially true of thyroid issuesadrenal stress, and weight related issues. Proper fetal programming of neuro-circuits and maximizing genetic potential (including normal organ development) are based on your nutritional status. There are effective ways to nutritionally supplement these health areas for optimal results.

Prenatal Vitamins

The most important supplements for prenatal nutrition are Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin™, Daily DHA™, Daily Bone Xcel™, and Iosol Iodine. Various other nutrients may be very important, based on your current health, health history, stress level, and diet. The key points of prenatal nutrition are explained in the following sections. Also see the Postpartum Nutrition section for more about nutritional needs after pregnancy, especially regarding your mood and your baby's development.

Best Prenatal Supplements:

  • Daily Prenatal Multi Vitamin
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    Daily Prental Multi Vitamin is a complete and balanced prenatal vitamin to fuel your baby’s growth and improve your energy, mood, and stress tolerance. It is specially formulated with coenzyme B vitamins and methyl folate for maximum absorption and energy production. We include highly absorbable iron bisglycinate, 100% non-toxic and easy on the tummy. Excellent to take before, during, and after pregnancy.*

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  • Daily Bone Xcel

    Adequate calcium is vital during pregnancy both for your child's skeletal development and to ensure you maintain your own bone health during and following this metabolically demanding time. You need 1300 mg of calcium per day. Add up what you get in your diet and use Daily Bone Xcel to get the rest (200 mg of the finest quality calcium per capsule).

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  • Daily DHA
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    DHA is an fatty acid required for the proper development of healthy brain cells and the visual system, both during pregnancy and lactation.* This important oil is in short supply in food and foods that do have it, like salmon and tuna, are oftentimes contaminated with mercury, a potent neurotoxin that should not be consumed during pregnancy.* This makes high quality supplemental DHA a priority.* Our DHA is molecularly distilled to ensure absolutely no trace amount of mercury or other toxic metal. A common pregnancy and lactation dose is three per day.*

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  • Iosol Iodine
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    Iodine is another top nutrient for pregnancy and lactation.* Iosol Iodine is a metabolically active form of iodine.* Place 1 drop in 2-3 ounces of water, use daily. Numerous studies in the past decade have illustrated the importance of iodine in the development of the brain and cognitive function, in addition to its role as thyroid support.* This is a significant issue as a failure to get adequate iodine during pregnancy results in lost developmental ground that cannot be made up following birth.* Furthermore, the need for iodine is even more important due to widespread contamination of our food supply with perchlorate, a rocket-fuel ignition waste product and toxin that contaminates the ground water in major regions of the United States that grow food for the rest of the country. Perchlorate binds to iodine receptors (in baby and mother) and interferes with proper iodine function.* Ensuring iodine adequacy is one step that may help both mother and baby.*

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