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Your Child's Digestion and Immunity

After birth your child's digestive tract begins working for the first time. In the adult digestive tract there are hundreds of millions of foreign bacteria and yeasts that hopefully form an ecological "rain forest" of friendly non-self organisms working to help digestion and support immunity. The proper evolution of digestion in the first few years of life has a profound effect on the future health and well being of your child. The use of antibiotics, while sometimes necessary, is extremely hard on this process. Every attempt should be made to help your child escape the pitfalls of repeated antibiotic use. The proper training of your child's immune system requires a healthy digestive terrain for optimal function.

Nursing is proven to support the growth of highly desirable bifidobacteria, which help evolve other friendly bacteria over time
as digestion advances. Nursing also helps pass biologically active immune compounds to your child to assist with immune protection while your child's immune system is developing. Not nursing is harmful to digestion and immunity as unfriendly bacteria are much more likely to gain a toehold, interfering with digestion and proper immune system training. Such problems are likely to send a child down the path of repeat infections, including ear infections. Cheap iron salts (ferrous gluconate and ferrous sulfate), commonly found in infant formulas and used as food fortification, are major factors that stimulate the growth of unfriendly flora.*

Various nutrients can be safely used in infants and children of any age to help bolster their digestive health and natural immune function. The top three supplements we have used for many years in this regard are GI Soother, Immune Plus, and Grape Seed Extract. They can be used to help calm a colicky baby or improve any poor digestive symptoms like foul smelling stools or other digestive issues. All three of these are very gentle and non-toxic in any amount -- yet effective at really helping digestion and immunity. They may be used on a regular basis as part of a healthy diet or as needed to help overcome digestive challenges.*

  • Immune Plus
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    Arabinogalactan is a branched carbohydrate extracted from larch trees. It partly works as a fiber and partly works as an immune support nutrient. It reduces stagnation in the lymph system, which supports the healthy function of the sinuses and ears. May be taken daily or used as needed.*

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  • Grape Seed Extract 200mg
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    Highest quality grape seed proanthocyanadins. This vital component of fruit participates in the antioxidant process and helps protect the nervous system from stress.*

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