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Omega 3 Oils and Heart Rhythms

A significant body of science has left no doubt that omega 3 oils, of which DHA is the most important, have a significant ability to support Heart Rate Variability (HRV), reflecting a healthy nerve-heart relationship. Doses of DHA fish oil ranging from 1 to 6 grams have shown benefits, with higher doses offering more support. Fish oil, due to its DHA component, has been shown to improve vagal nerve tone (better fitness), which is crucial for healthy heart rhythms.*

DHA is the vital omega 3 fatty acid used by your nerves, heart, and circulatory system. At Wellness Resources, we use a marine lipid oil that is molecularly distilled to be mercury free and provide 50 percent DHA; this is a much higher amount of DHA than in typical fish oil supplements.*

Our premier cardiovascular support supplement, Leptinal®, contains 500 mg of this special fish oil per capsule. This gives you 250 mg of pure DHA. Leptinal® also contains borage oil, which provides GLA. Not found in fish oil, GLA is another essential
oil that works synergistically with DHA in the circulation to support healthy blood pressure function. Leptinal® also contains fine quality pomegranate, citrus methoxyflavones, and tocotrienol vitamin E, making it an unprecedented nutrient formulation that addresses the core important aspects of cardiovascular health (blood pressure, cholesterol, and the heart itself).*

  • Daily DHA
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    DHA has demonstrated the ability to strengthen heart function, generally acting as a cardiovascular tonic.* It is also known to enhance circulation and support the structural integrity of the lining of the arteries.*

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  • Leptinal®

    Leptinal® contains a potent array of heart friendly nutrients, all in one softgel capsule. Our mercury free DHA is the finest essential fatty acid available in the world and a proven nutrient for cardiovascular fitness.*

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