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Stress and Adrenals

Stress-related systems in your body enable you to adapt to demands, cope with them, and then bounce back to a baseline of more relaxed function. These systems are strained in any person with fibromyalgia. This means stress responses may not happen at all, they may not happen at the right time, they may be exaggerated, and commonly it feels like something somewhere inside you is constantly dialing 911 but not quite sure what the emergency is. This leaves you feeling too wound up and anxious, like a cat on a hot tin roof. You need to learn about how your adrenals process stress, about how your brain processes stress, and the nature of Substance P. Much of this information will be new to you and mastering it will help put you back in control of your life.*

  • RelaxaMag

    A unique magnesium formula to support sleep, stress tolerance, the normal sleep-wake cycle, and relaxation. This is a naturally relaxing, non-drowsy formula.*

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  • Stress Helper®

    Stress Helper® provides 150 mg of Pantethine per capsule along with Acetyl-l-Carnitine and Carnosine, a critical boost of specialty stress-busting nutrients that not only helps the adrenals but also helps calm emotional stress and boost nerve function, mental performance, and overall mood.*

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  • Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin
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    Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ is the top energy-producing and mood-boosting multiple vitamin available anywhere. Only the finest quality pre-energized coenzyme forms of B vitamins are used. These are easy to absorb and readily cross your blood brain barrier. Special Krebs cycle bioactive cofactors facilitate energy production to offset fatigue. Take 2-6 per day, use enough to help keep your energy sustained.*

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  • Quercetin
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    A natural bioflavonoid that helps sinuses, skin, bone health, nerves, and toxin clearance in the GI tract. It is a helpful nutrient for congestion, mild allergies, or breathing issues.*

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  • Adrenal Helper
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    Support your adrenals and boost morning energy, stamina, and vitality. This blend of adaptogenic herbs helps strengthen your nervous system and improve energetic, physical, and mental function when under stress.*

    129 90 capsules $37.00 $29.60
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