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Pollution and toxic exposure in air, food, and water is a major problem in today's world. This is why the Wellness Resources® Daily Detoxify is part of our Daily Supplement Program. The antioxidants in Daily Detoxify help protect your liver and help it remove toxins from your body. They also significantly boost the antioxidant protection of Daily Protector Eye and Immune.*

Your liver uses a variety of enzymes to neutralize toxins, a process referred to as Phase I and Phase II detoxification. Phase I requires antioxidants to work properly, as each toxin requires an antioxidant for proper neutralization. The most important liver antioxidant for Phase I function is glutathione peroxidase (GSH), which is supported by nutrients in Daily Detoxify and Daily Protector Eye and Immune.*

In Phase II detoxification, small molecules are added to the toxin to help excrete it through the bile or urine, a process known as conjugation. To work properly this system requires energy (ATP) and a supply of the molecules to attach to the toxins. This is where Daily Detoxify really excels, providing a key array of nutrients to carry out natural Phase II functions.*

What's more, Daily Detoxify protects you liver so that it can not only keep removing these toxins but also continue to carry out its other important chores relating to your metabolism of calories.*

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    Top nutritional supplement for the liver. Supports the natural processes of detoxification.*

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    Turmeric Gold contains a patented, water-dispersible turmeric extract with superior curcuminoid bioavailability.

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