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Infants & Children

Many of our immune support supplements are easy to mix and quite safe for infants and children (the doses on most bottles are for adults, so simply reduce proportionately to your child's body weight).*

Children old enough to swallow vitamin capsules may use any of our immune support supplements. Any of our products may be used by infants and small children if they tolerate the taste when mixed into something (avoid oregano oil).*

You may mix supplements in water, juice, yogurt, kefir, or apple sauce. Some parents get rather creative – there is nothing like a nutrient-laced peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Do not heat nutrients or cook them into something.

  • Immune Plus
    Reduced price!

    An excellent supplement for efficient immune cell function. It specifically supports healthy lymph circulation and may reduce excess congestion or pressure in the shoulders, neck, or ears. Immune Plus™ comes in a powder or capsule form and is among our top immune supplements for children as well as adults.*

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  • Grape Seed Extract 200mg
    Reduced price!

    Highest quality grape seed proanthocyanadins. This vital component of fruit participates in the antioxidant process and helps protect the nervous system from stress, as well as supporting healthy immune function. Each capsule contains 100 mg, use 0.5 mg per pound of body weight to supplement the diet. Capsules are easy to pull apart and mix.*

    134 100 capsules $21.00 $16.80
    20% off!
  • Daily Protector Eye & Immune

    Broad-spectrum antioxidant formula for daily immune support, eye health, and skin health. Boosts antioxidant concentrates; important if lacking vegetables in the diet. High in lutein, lycopene, and bilberry to support eye health.*

    25% off!
  • Super Mini-Multi

    The highest quality children's multivitamin on the market. Provides important nutrients for growth and the highest quality forms of essential nutrients.*

    92 120 capsules $25.00 $18.75
    25% off!