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Resveratrol Activates SIRT1 for Weight Management

Resveratrol is a nutrient known to activate a potent gene signal called SIRT1. SIRT1 first drew attention as the primary gene signal involved with the longevity benefits of calorie restriction. A very simple explanation is that when you are in a food scarcity situation, SIRT1 is activated to help break down your stored fat to use as fuel as well as boost your energy so that you have enough energy to hunt for new food. SIRT1 is part of a famine related survival system.

It is important to understand that just about everyone who is overweight and having trouble with cravings has high leptin in their blood (leptin resistance), and that leptin is not getting into their brains correctly (a false state of misperceived starvation). Leptin resistance is caused by consistently eating meals that are too large, eating after dinner at night, and snacking. It is easy to predict that high levels of leptin in your blood (obesity-related leptin resistance) turn SIRT1 off just as they would signal your liver that famine is over or not happening.

As you begin to diet (especially if you follow the Leptin Diet) and lose your first 10-15 pounds you will clear high leptin from your blood, which is always reflected when your cravings go away. For a while your body is set to burn more calories based on your pre-dieting metabolic set point. The problem for many people is that they hit a plateau after a month or so of dieting and are still too far from their goal weight.

If you eat less you can't function. Your head is heavy, you are irritable, your sleep gets disturbed, your immune system goes on the blink, and you are much more likely to get sick. If you exercise more you must eat more or you will be completely exhausted and feel even worse. If you get stressed, you are in real trouble and likely to eat the house down.

Under these circumstances you are much more likely to break down muscle, a key sign of inappropriate weight management. If you keep trying to lose weight while you feel this way you may be able to do so, but you will progressively lose more muscle, increase inflammation, generate a lot of free radical damage, disturb digestion, get sick easily, and presto, you are anorexic. The surprising thing is, you may still be an overweight anorexic.

If you start eating more food you will feel much better. Unfortunately, you messed with leptin in the wrong way. Leptin now turns off SIRT1 and goes into a famine recovery mode. Leptin commands that a large portion of the calories you are now eating go back to fat storage. Most people find themselves rapidly gaining weight on formerly normal amounts of food. Once the yo-yo routine comes to a halt you are likely to find yourself 5-10 pounds heavier than when you first started, as an insurance policy in case you attempt another dieting stunt in the future.

Solving this dilemma requires that you eat in harmony with leptin, which means following the five simple rules of the Leptin Diet. In many cases you will never hit this problematic plateau. However, many people will, especially if they have a history of yo-yo dieting. Enter resveratrol. I believe that resveratrol is an ideal nutrient to enhance weight management and maintain energy ONCE YOU HAVE GOTTEN PAST THE INITITAL PHASE OF 10-15 POUNDS OF WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, especially if you are getting stuck at a plateau.*

Resveratrol will help turn on the SIRT1 gene, which will promote fat burning in the presence of lower calorie intake. This is a terrific use of this nutrient. How do you know its working? You have energy to exercise, you feel good, and your weight is trending downward while you are happy eating less food. This either is or isn't happening, thus it isn't very hard to figure out if resveratrol helps you or not.*

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