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Healthy Cholesterol

 A remarkable amount of new science is opening the door to help you maintain proper cholesterol metabolism. Cholesterol is essential for health in many different ways. Our society has been dumbed down by labeling LDL cholesterol as "bad." LDL cholesterol is vital for survival. Understanding how it works as part of your overall cholesterol fitness plan will help you maintain a higher level of cardiovascular health.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in how your body processes all of its cholesterol related tasks. Nutritional deficiencies place unnecessary stress on healthy cholesterol metabolism. Cholesterol fitness can be naturally supported in multiple ways. The following supplements are my top recommendations to improve cholesterol metabolism*:
  1. Leptinal® helps shrink fat cells, metabolize triglycerides, form HDL cholesterol, modulate LDL cholesterol formation, and support healthy blood pressure.*
  2. Pantethine energizes cholesterol metabolism, helps form HDL, modulate LDL, metabolize triglycerides, clear toxins, boost memory, and nourish the adrenals.*
  3. Daily Super E™ modulates the synthesis of LDL while protecting LDL cholesterol and the lining of arteries from free radical damage.*
  4. Lipid Helper™ helps metabolize HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and relaxes the vascular system for improved circulation.*

Also see the LeptiCardio Pack™ for comprehensive blood pressure and cholesterol support nutrition.* A brief description of each of these products is listed next, followed by more in-depth information about how they work. I then explain how various other dietary supplements can support cholesterol fitness.

Best Cholesterol Health Supplements:

  • Leptinal®
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    Leptinal® contains a powerful combination of cholesterol friendly nutrients. Sytrinol® is a proprietary blend of tangeretin, nobiletin, and tocotrienols. It has been tested in four human clinical trials and is a wonderful extract for natural cholesterol support. Our mercury free DHA and GLA have been shown to help promote the formation of HDL, while helping metabolize triglycerides. DHA also helps shrink fat cells, another cholesterol related benefit. Our special extract of pomegranate is yet another nutrient associated with healthy cholesterol metabolism. This multipronged approach to cholesterol fitness makes Leptinal® the foundation of your cholesterol fitness plan.*

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  • Pantethine
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    Pantethine directly energizes 70 metabolic pathways, many of which are involved in the healthy metabolism of cholesterol, triglycerides, carbohydrates, and amino acids. It helps provide your body with a specific kind of energy that is needed to move fatty substances in metabolism, including LDL cholesterol. This actually helps your body properly use LDL cholesterol for numerous important functions. These energetic properties also help your body make Apo A-I and Apo A-II, important building blocks for HDL cholesterol.*

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  • Daily Super E

    Tocotrienols are the most potent and biologically active form of vitamin E, making Daily Super E™ a top cardiovascular health product. We have specially formulated a mix of alpha and gamma tocotrienols to give you the benefits of both of these potent nutrients. Alpha tocotrienols are absorbed into cell membranes 70 times better than plain vitamin E and protect red blood cells and cells lining arteries far better than plain E. Gamma tocotrienol is the best natural modulator of the enzyme HMG CoA reductase, the primary enzyme involved in cholesterol synthesis. This is something plain vitamin E does not do.*

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  • Lipid Helper
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    Contains non-flush niacin, pterostilbene, and milk thistle extract. The non-flush niacin, called inositol hexanicotinate, consists of six molecules of niacin bound to an inositol molecule. As your body metabolizes this form of niacin it is slowly released, which significantly minimizes any flushing. It assists in the healthy metabolism of HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Niacin also helps relax your vascular system through nitric oxide production, which improves circulation. Pterostilbene supports healthy fat metabolism and milk thistle extract protects the liver.*

    105 90 capsules $31.00 $24.80
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