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Fish Oil and Blood Pressure

Leptinal® provides nutrients that are vital for your circulatory system. The endothelial cells that line your arteries send out signals that work with your heart and muscle contractions to create the ebb and flow of your blood pressure (systolic = higher number and diastolic = lower number). These cells accomplish this by using regulatory signals called prostaglandins. Leptinal contains the important essential fatty acids of DHA and GLA, both of which are needed for normal prostaglandin regulation of blood pressure. One friendly prostaglandin is called PGE3, which is supported by DHA supplementation. The other friendly prostaglandin is called PGE1, which is supported by GLA supplementation. The synergistic balance of DHA and GLA in Leptinal are fundamental nutrition for healthy artery function and maintenance of normal blood pressure fitness. Since DHA and GLA are generally lacking in the American diet, supplementation is a convenient way to boost dietary intake.*

DHA plays additional vital roles in maintaining the flexibility in the structure of your arteries. It is a preferred fatty acid for the structure of cell membranes that comprise the arteries and overall lining of the circulatory system, contributing to proper structural integrity of arterial walls. DHA in these cell membranes helps to maintain natural flexibility of the circulatory structure that in turn enhances the normal flow of blood through your circulation. DHA has also been shown to support healthy heart function. GLA is the most important omega 6 essential fatty acid, also helping to build healthy cell membranes, including those cells lining the walls of arteries.*

Stress chemicals and pollution of all types typically enter the general circulation and act as irritants that pose a challenge to healthy blood pressure fitness. A variety of nutrients, typically antioxidants, help modulate this form of stress. In Leptinal we place several of the finest circulatory antioxidants known to work synergistically with the vital essential fatty acids. Our pomegranate extract contains the antioxidant power of the punicalagins found only in pomegranate, a proven circulatory support nutrient. This important antioxidant is degraded in juice products and lost almost entirely by pasteurization. In Leptinal®, its potency is maintained and standardized, helping to maintain healthy circulation and protecting your cardiovascular system from free radicals.* The tocotrienols in Leptinal, a special type of vitamin E, are also protective to the lining of your circulatory system, helping to promote normal and healthy function.* Simply put, Leptinal is a stellar cardiovascular support nutrient providing an array of the finest nutrients known to support healthy blood pressure function.*

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