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Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby & Mother

Breastfeeding is as important for your baby as it is for you. The process is designed to ensure survival of the human race and is thus woven into your genes and your baby's genes in a multitude of ways -- perfected over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. No baby formula on earth can begin to approximate the benefits from your milk or the activity of nursing.

It is vitally important that your baby get your first milk colostrum within the first 24 hours of life. This first-milk colostrum contains a high amount of the hormone leptin which is required to finalize appetite signal wiring in the subconscious brain circuitry. A failure to get this nutrition can easily predispose your child to later life obesity and consequent heart disease. Colostrum also contains significant amounts of biologically active thyroid hormone (T3)
that is vital for jump starting the high metabolic demands of the first two weeks of life. And colostrum contains a broad array of natural immune support compounds needed by your baby who does not yet have a high-powered and experienced immune system.

In return, the activity of nursing is proven to offer you significantly improved stress tolerance, better mood, and natural fat burning. Beneficial relaxing anti-inflammatory compounds, including endorphins and oxytocin, are released in response to factors involved with delivery and reinforced by the physical stimulation of nursing and bonding. These are vital to your healing process in the first few weeks following delivery. Stress to mother or baby interferes with this process, and the process itself helps protect against stress.

Breast milk is highly supportive of the development of a healthy digestive and immune system -- critical topics that support your child's health for a lifetime. These topics are discussed at further length in the following sections. Nursing has a powerful mood elevating effect. When nursing is stopped mood often drops, especially in women who are nutritionally depleted due to stress or thyroid weakness.

The nutrient most required for the production of milk is high quality protein -- with B vitamins coming in second. Women who are struggling to get started may need high amounts of these nutrients to get the system kick started, often at higher ranges for the first two-three days following delivery. Once in motion then protein levels and B vitamins can be set at an amount that noticeably supports adequate milk production. For example, 100 to 120 grams of protein a day may be needed to get milk production revved up -- after all you have just been through major wear and tear. I recommend two or more whey protein drinks a day -- at least for a few days, to get the needed protein. Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin may be needed up to six capsules per day, for a few days at least, to support this process.

Tip -- Eat your highest fat meal of the day at night, the extra fatty acids that enter your milk will help your baby sleep longer during the night.

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