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The Innate Need for Stability

Everyone needs some type of stability in their life. Food, clothing, reproduction, and shelter are core survival principles that relate to all mammals. All mammals have a subconscious brain limbic system that takes these issues very seriously. In the machine language of the subconscious brain stability is all that matters -- and the feeling that things are too out of control or unpredictable is enemy number one. 

Internal feelings of anxiety or panic, in their various shades of grey, are thermometers on your subconscious brains sense of stability and consciously how well you think you are solving problems. It is rather obvious that some people have considerably more tolerance for chaos or unpredictability than others and can handle more pressure before these feelings set in. 

It is important to strengthen the structure of core nerves and brain cells in general if you are prone to being anxious, feeling too unstable, are hesitant to do new things or get involved, or feel that circumstances go out of control too easily. This is regardless of the facts and circumstances in your life. This is all about having stronger nerves.

The best physical exercise for this is repetitive use of your hands doing things you like to do. This could be a hobby, a craft, playing a musical instrument, gardening, etc. The only rule is that you use both hands in mostly repetitive motions and you like what you are doing. And then do it for at least an hour -- every day if needed.

The reason this works is because it sends positive signals to the motion control center of your brain called the cerebellum. In turn, your cerebellum feeds this positive message into your core subconscious brain telling it everything is just fine. It is like using machine language to tell your brain to chill.

Another effective angle is to build stronger brain cells and core nerve networks. It is interesting that the action of crawling stimulates core brain circuitry to form in babies. Many adults prone to being anxious did not crawl long enough.

In general, your brain needs energy (ATP) to function and anything you can do to help this out, which has been the primary theme of this Stress and Mood health topic, will help you to stimulate new brain cell formation and new nerve networks to form. Of course it helps if you do activities with your brain that challenge or exercise it. There are two critical nutrients that are required for the health of brain cell membranes, and thus their electrical potential and overall energetic health: DHA and PhosphatidylSerine.

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