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Focus & Learning Nutrients for Kids

DHA and PhosphatidylSerine (PS) are the most effective nutrients to help build healthy brain cells.*

DHA is the preferred essential fatty acid and PS is the preferred phospholipid in brain cell membranes. Fatty acids attach to phospholipids to form cell membranes. The quality of brain cell membranes is thus based on the dietary intake of fatty acids and phospholipids.*

Regular dietary intake enables these vital nutrients to help form cell membranes over time. Therefore, while some benefit may be apparent early on, improvement tends to take place over time as brain cells gradually incorporate these nutrients into their structures. Both DHA and PS have been shown to help learning, comprehension, and cognitive function. Students preparing for tests often take PS to help boost data retention (2-4 capsules per day, take before studying).*

The typical dose of Daily DHA™ is 2-6 capsules per day. The dose of PS is 1-2 capsules per day. These are smaller gel capsules and are easy to swallow.

  • DHA Kids
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    Highest quality DHA in small gelcaps for children. Molecularly distilled and mercury free fish oil.

    111 90 capsules $18.00 $14.40
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  • Daily DHA
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    Superior quality mercury-free fish oil, specifically high in DHA. DHA is an essential omega-3 oil commonly lacking from the diet. It supports brain health, cardiovascular health, and eye health.*

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  • PhosphatidylSerine
    Reduced price!

    Brain nutrient to help energize the brain and improve short-term memory, focus, and coordination.*

    110 120 capsules $43.00 $34.40
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