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Healthy Homocysteine Levels

Homocysteine is a natural byproduct of protein metabolism in your liver. In a healthy situation homocysteine is naturally metabolized into other compounds with the help of folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. If you are lacking B vitamins, which are typically used up by stress, then you may not have enough B vitamins to support the normal metabolism of homocysteine.*

When homocysteine levels elevate they act as a stressful irritant in your blood, capable of damaging LDL cholesterol. This problem is simple to avoid by having an adequate supply of high quality B vitamins. In Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin we place high amounts of the important B vitamins in their most biologically active co-enzyme forms. For example, we never use the cheap form of vitamin B12, cyanacobalamin, which produces cyanide as it is metabolized (one more toxin your body has to clear).*

Since every person should have a fine quality multiple vitamin, Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin is a great choice. It is specially designed to combat fatigue and boost mood, as well as providing enough of the important B vitamins that are needed for healthy homocysteine metabolism. Many multiple vitamins on the market today do not have enough of these nutrients to support healthy homocysteine metabolism, meaning you are stuck buying an additional B vitamin product because you are using a wimpy multiple vitamin with inferior ingredients. At Wellness Resources we ensure that you get what you need from your basic supplements.*

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