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Blood Pressure

Pumping blood around your body requires pressurization in order to properly deliver oxygen and nutrients to places that need them. Blood pressure naturally rises when demands increase, such as to meet the needs of an emotionally or physically demanding situation. Once the extra demands are over, then blood pressure should return to a relaxed baseline. Keeping this complex system in tip top working condition is an important key to your cardiovascular health. We call it blood pressure fitness.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in your body's natural method of managing blood pressure. Nutrient deficiencies place unnecessary stress on this system. Leptinal® is our premier cardiovascular health supplement that provides a variety of the finest natural components to support both natural blood pressure fitness and the normal metabolism of cholesterol.* In addition to Leptinal®, we highly recommend one of our special magnesium supplements (Muscle Mag or RelaxaMag) along with Coenzyme Q10 to round out a basic blood pressure fitness program.* These supplements contain fundamental nutrition that is very helpful to support normal blood pressure function.*

An overview of these supplements is listed next, followed by more in depth information about how they work. We then explain how various other dietary supplements can support blood pressure fitness for a variety of interrelated reasons.

  • Muscle Mag

    Magnesium is the most important mineral to relax the circulatory system and smooth the nerve signals to the heart. Magnesium is lost in stress and sweat. It is frequently lacking in the diet. Magnesium helps to quiet a feeling of tension or irritation - factors that are stressful to the heart and overall circulation. Muscle Mag™ is a high-quality magnesium supplement that helps to reduce the burden of stress on your heart. It also helps to reduce lactic acid formation in the muscles, thus reducing muscle tightness.*

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  • Super CoQ10 Ubiquinol

    The ubiquinol form of Q10 is an excellent antioxidant nutrient that supports cellular energy production and cardiovascular health. Wellness Resources Q10 Ubiquinol is a completely soluble, crystal-free ubiquinol that shows high absorption and stability.*  

    109 60 capsules $48.00 $36.00
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  • Q10, Super CoQ10

    Q10 is required for all cellular energy production in your body. Your heart has extremely high energy production demands and thus there is a naturally high level of Q10 concentrated in your heart. Your heart muscle relies on Q10 to carry on its normal pumping activity that relates to efficient blood pressure fitness. Unfortunately, Q10 levels decline with age. Q10 is especially important in any person who is fatigued or lacks exercise capacity or optimal endurance.*

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  • RelaxaMag
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    This magnesium product works fast to calm down your nerves and relieve stress tension, known irritants to your circulation. It can be taken regularly at meals as part of a support program, and is especially useful if you live in a high stress life. It can also be taken as needed to soothe a feeling of tension or irritation. It is often used at night to promote restful sleep. Most people chose one or the other of these great magnesium products, depending on which need seems most relevant (muscle energy or relaxation). Some people use both (Muscle Mag during the day and RelaxaMag™ as needed or at bed).*

    57 100 capsules $21.00 $16.80
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  • Potassium Plus

    Our unique potassium supplement has potassium that is chelated to malic acid, an important nutrient for muscle fatigue which also helps to transport potassium into cells. Taurine is added to assist nerve function, and like potassium, helps support healthy electrical regulation of your heart. Potassium is known to be important for maintaining healthy blood pressure.*

    106 90 capsules $18.00 $13.50
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  • Cardio Helper

    Cardio Helper™ includes the finest quality extracts of trans resveratrol, grape seed extracts, hawthorn, and horsechestnut. It is designed to support and enhance circulatory integrity and nourish your heart. By enhancing circulation, oxygen is more readily transported and made available to cells. This supports healthy blood pressure and effective delivery of nutrition to cells.*

    66 90 capsules $42.00 $31.50
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  • Leptinal®

    Leptinal® contains a potent array of heart friendly nutrients, all in one softgel capsule. Our mercury free DHA is the finest essential fatty acid available in the world and a proven nutrient for blood pressure support. A special extract of pomegranate delivers unparalleled protection for the circulatory system, helping it to naturally relax. And the potent tocotrienol form of vitamin E is a superior antioxidant that protects the lining of arteries and cells within the circulation. If you want to try just one product for blood pressure support then this is the most important one.*

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  • Q10, Coenzyme Q10
    Reduced price!

    Q10 helps cellular energy production.*

    197 90 capsules $21.00 $16.80
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