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How Leptin Regulates Bone Health

The overall function of thyroid hormone in your body is occurring with permission from the big hormone boss, leptin. Not surprisingly, leptin regulation of bone is even more important than thyroid regulation of bone. We now understand that leptin regulates bone in two primary ways:

1) Leptin signals your subconscious brain (hypothalamus) to turn on sympathetic nerves that directly regulate the activity of osteoblasts, acting in synergistic tone with the TSH signal (which is released in the first place with permission from leptin).

2) Leptin circulating in your blood goes into your bone and directly manages the behavior of osteoclasts and osteoblasts. Leptin can also be produced in your bone by fat cells that are a normal part of bone structure.

The relationship of leptin as a bone manager (messages coming from your brain to your bones) and as a direct bone builder (helping osteoclasts locally within bone) is very complex, and is based in no small part on an evolutionary role to make sure your bones don’t evaporate in times of famine. Unfortunately, in today’s world, bones are faced with a different challenge involving the overconsumption of food.

Too much food stresses healthy leptin function both in your brain and in your bones. In your brain it creates confusion of leptin signaling, often reflected by high levels of food cravings. The new science shows that these cravings are often accompanied by elevated levels of NPY (neuropeptide Y), and this science shows that NPY has a stimulating effect on osteoclast formation (the remodeling bone carpenters that take bone down).

As it turns out, the parent cells of osteoblasts (the carpenter bone builders) can become fat cells (adipocytes) instead of osteoblasts. As a person gains weight they actually make more fat cells within bone, leading to bone stress. It is now proven that overweight children and teenagers have poorer bone strength regardless of their bone density. Optimal bone growth and rejuvenation are interfered with by too many fat cells in bone.

Healthy leptin function is required for healthy bone density. You know this is working better when you do not crave food, especially carbohydrates, in excess or between meals. You also know its working better when you are able to maintain an optimal body weight by eating in harmony with leptin or by gradually and consistently losing weight in a healthy way if you are overweight (unhealthy weight loss based on "starvation" actually induces the loss of bone mass while losing weight).

Best Supplements for Leptin and Bones

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