Empower Your Immune Health: A Comprehensive Guide

By Dr. Linda J. Dobberstein, DC, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

October 2, 2023

Empower Your Immune Health: A Comprehensive Guide

Summer has quickly come to an end. Along with it, the enjoyments of travels and vacations, BBQs, picnics, fairs and festivals that were filled with foods on a stick, fast foods, more sugar, or the “gotta try this” indulgence. Perhaps now you find yourself or your child back at work or school bringing home the sniffles, sneezing, and a scratchy throat. Now is a great time to get back into a routine to revitalize your immune system after summer activities!

As you review your choices on immune health support, consider this recent astonishing admission regarding popular cold and allergy medications. Recently, an FDA Non-prescription Drug Advisory Committee held a meeting to discuss the effectiveness of popular OTC medicines with phenylephrine for colds and allergies. Although the ingredient was considered safe, the panel said that in tablet form, phenylephrine was ineffective and a waste of money due to poor absorption. Consumers spend millions and millions of dollars each year on these products that don’t work! The FDA agency is currently reviewing the findings.

1. Tips for Immune Health

Here are several educational resources to provide practical knowledge and tools to get you and your immune system refueled before the cold and flu season ramps up.

7 Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System Daily

A Game Plan for Optimizing Immune Function

Nutrient Status and Immune Vitality

Improve Your Sleep-Wake Rhythms for Immune Health

Is Your Immune System Support Nutrient Rich or Sugar Overloaded?

Restore Health After an Immune Challenge

The Immune System Requires Healthy Mitochondria

2. Knowledge is Empowering

In anticipation of the cold and flu season, pharmaceutical and government advertisements flood the airways recommending that you and your children get the latest experimental boosters. Yet, they fail to teach and encourage you to engage in healthy choices, behaviors, and ways to optimize your immune system with diet or the importance of nutrition like the above resources. Nor do they discuss concerns related to boosters. Here are some things to consider as you weigh your options.

Antibiotics Before Flu Vaccination Alters Immune Response

Viruses, Vaccinations, and Depression

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Triggered by Vaccine Adjuvant

Vaccine Injury with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Are Vaccinations Causing Early Alzheimer’s?

COVID-19 Vaccine Analysis

Vaccine Necessity in Previous COVID Patients

Chicken Pox and Shingles Virus: Prevent Reactivation

3. Immune Nutrients A to Z

“Wellness made easy” is not the use of an experimental vaccination as seen on recent television commercials. Wellness is a deliberate act of taking care of yourself with sleep, lifestyle, diet, nutrition, and stress management. A body out of balance, chronically inflamed from white flour, white sugar, rancid vegetable oils, alcohol, smoking, nutrient depletions, and sleep deprivation being inundated with vaccines simply adds more cellular inflammation to a stressed body.

Regardless of your viewpoint on vaccinations, it is vital to fortify your body with nutrients, a healthy lifestyle, and deliberate actions for sleep quality. Here are some in-depth articles that demonstrate effectiveness of nutrients and empower you to make healthy choices.

Arabinogalactan Supports NK Cell Activity for Healthy Immunity

Astaxanthin Helps Cell Clean-Up, Immunity, and Gut Health

Vitamin A – An Essential Nutrient for Immune, Respiratory, and Gut Health

Vitamin C for Stress, Collagen, Immunity

Vitamin D and Your Immune System – Are You Getting Enough?

Remarkable Tocotrienols for Cardiovascular, Brain, Immune Health and More

Cinnamon Supports Blood Sugar Health, Fat Burning, and Immune Defense

Cordyceps: Prized Mushroom for Brain, Lungs, Gut, and Endurance

Glutamine: Critical for Gut, Immune System, and Muscles during Stress and Aging

Glutathione Antioxidant for Cell Life and Vitality

Glutathione and Vitamin D: A Powerful Essential Connection

Melatonin, Mitochondria, Circadian Rhythms – Are You in Sync?

NAC: Versatile Antioxidant, Immune, Sinus and Detox Support

Superior Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Oregano Oil Shines for GI Health and Immunity

Quercetin – Nature’s Powerhouse Bioflavonoid

PEA for Healthy Mast Cell Activity

Quercetin for Nerves, Allergies, Immunity, and Metabolism

Turmeric – Why You Should Be Taking This Amazing Nutrient

Zinc Essential for Immunity, Sense of Smell, and More

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