Oregano Oil Shines for GI Health and Immunity

November 7, 2022 | Dr. Linda J. Dobberstein, DC, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

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 Oregano Oil Shines for GI Health and Immunity
Oregano provides more than spice to your pasta sauce and pizza! Oregano has also been used for thousands of years in ancient traditional healing practices. Oregano and its oil, oregano oil, have been commonly used for immune support and many other traditional uses. Read on to learn why you want oregano oil as part of your arsenal!

The oregano plant and its oil contains several active ingredients like carvacrol, thymol, rosmarinic acid, terpenes, p-cymene and other highly valuable phytochemicals. These compounds are involved with the natural defense mechanisms of the oregano plant which helps it manage stressors such as pests, UVB rays, pathogens, and oxidative stress that affects its own survival. This defense system has made it a popular herb with many health benefits.

Traditional and Common Uses of Today

Traditional use of oregano oil has been to support respiratory, gut, and urinary tract health. Clinical studies demonstrate its benefits for sinus congestion and associated fatigue.

Other historical uses include aiding kidneys, liver, blood sugar, muscle tightness, spasms, and discomfort, circulation, menstrual health and more. It is still used for these concerns and much more.

Gut Health

In gut health, oregano oil supports a healthy microbiome as demonstrated in animal studies. Oregano oil helps remove “pests” such as non-beneficial flora that impede the growth of beneficial flora. It also supports tight junction stability in the gut lining.

Tight junctions are cellular doors that selectively open and close to allow nutrients to pass from the intestines into circulation. When these doors are open too long or are too large, then larger food particles and other unhealthy toxins enter circulation instigating immune reactions and the development of leaky gut syndrome. Oregano oil was shown to enhance healthy tight junction function due to its impact on the gut microbiome.

More information about tight junctions may be found in the article Leaky Gut Syndrome: More Than Just A Gut Problem.

Gut Microbiome and Blood Sugar

Overweight individuals with imbalanced blood sugar commonly have imbalanced gut flora interfering with metabolism. A recent 2021 clinical trial in adults with metabolic syndrome demonstrated oregano oil’s effect on gut health and metabolism. The clinical trial lasted 10 days. In that short time, individuals who received oregano oil experienced a healthier balance of gut flora and improvement in their phase angle. Phase angle refers to cell membrane integrity and cellular health. Higher phase angle results are associated with better overall health.

Historical use of oregano oil also includes blood sugar support. The phytochemical rosmarinic acid in oregano was found to modulate blood sugar levels in a recent study.

Biofilm Inhibitor

Oregano oil is also a super sleuth soldier for the immune system as it aids against the formation of biofilms. Germs often hide behind hidden self-made barriers or biofilms that prevent immune cells from seeing them. Studies have demonstrated that oregano oil’s phytochemicals inhibit the formation, adhesion, and maturation of candida-made biofilms. Biofilms may form with orthodontic braces, dentures, implants, or catheters use, or in places like your sinuses or digestive tract.

Recent research showed that carvacrol and thymol in oregano oil inhibited the growth of fimbriae, the fingerlike projections that bacteria use to attach to mucosal membranes. Carvacrol, etc. also impaired the ability of E Coli to move which allowed the immune system to target the bacteria.

Carvacrol also provides powerful support for the natural defense mechanisms and immune management with bacteria, fungi virus and parasites.

Mucosal membranes are found in the digestive tract, respiratory tract, and urogenital tissues. Learn more about mucosal membrane health in the article: Healthy Mucosal Barriers Makes for a Healthier You.

Cell Clean Up and Protection

Like other herbs and spices such as turmeric/curcumin, ginger, and cinnamon, oregano oil offers a dazzling array of positive effects on cellular chemistry. Oregano oil is a source of polyphenol-rich antioxidants and also enhances cellular clean-up and support of antiproliferative mechanisms. This has scientists excited about its great potential and benefits for health and vitality.

More insight into oregano oil’s full spectrum of power has been seen with in-depth biochemistry studies. Its effects were demonstrated with immunomodulatory and inflammatory adaptations, tissue remodeling, cell signaling effects, antioxidant, cell protection, autophagy (clean-up), apoptosis (cell death), and modifications with cellular growth activities evaluated in skin, lung liverprostate, breast, and colon cell studies.

Antioxidant Protection Against Cadmium

Carvacrol’s antioxidant and cell protective mechanisms reach even further. Very interesting findings showed that carvacrol down-regulated cell stress effects from cadmium exposure. In this cell study, it was found that carvacrol supported activities with glutathione, thereby protecting cell DNA from cadmium exposure. Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal that greatly stresses cellular health and normal physiology.

Benefits in the Kitchen

When cooking with oregano oil, its antioxidant activities help protect the fats and oils present in the recipe. It protects against lipid peroxidation or free radical damage from the heat that damages oils.

Quality Oregano Oil

When you take a sniff of our Wellness Resources Oregano Oil Capsules, you can readily smell the potency of this spice. Our product is not cut or diluted with soybean or olive oil, so you get the full potency with standardized amounts of carvacrol and clinically relevant amounts of oregano oil. It is a strong product! We recommend that you take it with food if you have a sensitive stomach. If you experience a bit of burping with it, drink some warm water or tea to aid your digestive tract with it.

We have had Oregano Oil for about 25 years in our product line with great feedback. It continues to be a customer favorite for sinus, respiratory, gut and overall immune health. This article sheds further insight in its dynamic benefits beyond immune support. Oregano Oil is a great product to have on hand to use as needed for an immune challenge or it may be used ongoing for more significant support. Add a little spice to your life. Try some Oregano Oil!

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