Daily Protein Plus

High Quality Whey Protein Isolate with Fiber

  • Highest quality whey protein isolate
  • Plus fiber and mangosteen antioxidants
  • Supports energy, muscles, and metabolism*
  • Great tasting and easy to mix!
  • 21g protein per scoop, 30 scoops per container

Daily Protein Plus Unflavored Daily Protein Chocolate Daily Protein Chocolate


Daily Protein Plus Original with Fiber Daily Protein Plus Chocolate with Fiber

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Daily Protein Plus™ Original contains the highest quality undenatured whey protein. Plus it includes fiber and mangosteen fruit for an antioxidant boost.* Tastes great, mixes well. Excellent for breakfast!

High quality protein is lacking in most American diets. This leads to easy fatigue, excessive food cravings, unfit muscles, weight gain, and reduced ability for the body to repair. A high protein breakfast can increase metabolism by 30% for as long as 12 hours, providing a helpful boost to get through a busy day.

Wellness Resources® Daily Protein utilizes revolutionary ceramic cross-flow microfiltration technology, which produces an unparalleled quality whey protein powder.*

It is the first technology to offer whey protein in its natural undamaged condition, setting a new gold standard for the industry.* This allows for a pleasant tasting whey protein that is virtually free of all fat, cholesterol, and lactose.

All other protein technology damages the protein to a greater or lesser extent. Think of it this way -- if you put a load of dishes through the dishwasher (filtration), what good is it if they are clean yet half the plates are broken? Plus, when protein is damaged it becomes bitter tasting. This is why most protein powders contain a high amount of sweeteners and flavorings.

Another benefit of our new protein filtration is that it leaves in place a high amount of glycomacropeptides that support digestive health as well as a concentration of special immune boosting nutrients.* Now it is possible to get sulfur-containing and branch-chain amino acids to build muscle and replenish the glutathione antioxidant system, vital to health and immunity.*

Daily Protein Plus™ is a great way to start your day. Now you can get your protein, Nutrim™ oat bran fiber, and whole mangosteen fruit all in one convenient serving. Just mix with your favorite beverage for a delicious smoothie and a well-rounded breakfast!

In Daily Protein PlusOriginal, Nutrim™ oat bran is added to provide a serving of fiber and the cardiovascular benefit of oat beta glucans.* This product contains 25% of the daily fiber needed for the heart healthy claim (see ingredients).

In comparison, one heaping tablespoon of Fiber Helper™ provides 75% of the fiber needed for the heart healthy claim. Both products may be used together, as desired, to bolster dietary fiber. In this case, 1/2 serving of Fiber Helper™ could be added to one serving of Daily Protein Plus™, and then another 1/2-1 serving of Fiber Helper™ could be taken before dinner to help reduce the urge to overeat at the dinner meal.*

Extra dietary fiber is a great way to enhance intestinal detoxification, as fiber tends to absorb waste products and help in their elimination.*

Daily Protein PlusOriginal also includes the whole fruit of mangosteen, a potent antioxidant*. Each serving of Daily Protein Plus™ provides 930 mg of this fine quality mangosteen, which is standardized for 5.5% xanthones.*

Bioactive Whey Protein Quality Difference

The issue of quality regarding protein powders is huge. While whey protein is superior to other types of protein powders, there is also a significant difference between available whey proteins on the market, a difference that is sometimes difficult to understand or even detect. At Wellness Resources we use the finest whey protein that is available today, a much higher quality form of food than most whey protein on the market.

The Benefits section of this page helps explain the importance of whey protein and the basic quality differences. The bottom-line difference is an extreme quality difference in the protein itself, once the production process is finished.

Care in Production is Vital

During the production of whey protein the goal is to concentrate the active components that support metabolism, muscle health, and immunity. However, extreme care must be taken not to damage these components meaning the protein must be left in a virtually undenatured state to have proper biological activity. At the same time, undesirable components such as lactose, fat, and cholesterol need to be separated and removed. Phenomenal technological improvements in recent years have enabled the production of whey super foods, a truly superior form of whey protein.

Consumers should know that many manufacturing facilities have millions of dollars invested in equipment for the production of whey protein products that are in essence obsolete - producing substandard protein which of course is less expensive. One example is ion exchange technology, which concentrates high levels of protein. However, protein molecules are damaged by the use of chemicals during production and many important health-promoting proteins are missing altogether. Ten years ago ion exchange was state-of-the-art, now it is obsolete. Yet, it is still in widespread use due to the investment by various companies in equipment to produce it.

Newer filtration technologies have undergone extensive improvements. Once again, there is considerable money invested in production equipment that by today's standards uses inferior filters. While these may remove cholesterol, lactose, and fat the resulting protein is inferior to newer filtration technology.

The other primary factor of concern is the quality of whey used in the production process. Whey protein derived from poor quality dairy will be low grade regardless of what production process is used. Most whey on the market today comes from the same junk dairy sitting in the cartons of milk lining supermarket store shelves.

State-of-the-art Whey Protein

Extremely high-grade ceramic filters are now available. These enable low-temperature processing and the ability to remove undesirable components (fat, cholesterol, and lactose) while enhancing the amount of desirable components to produce a true super food. Our protein is produced using a combination of microfiltration and ultrafiltration, yielding a superior product with no denatured proteins (damaged proteins). This means the protein contains truly useful components in their highest quality and most biologically active condition. This is far different than the great majority of filtered or ion-exchange proteins in the general market place.

The whey protein itself comes from American cows not fed any animal by-products or synthetic growth hormone (BSE-free). The whey protein is certified GMO-free. This is by far the highest quality whey protein currently available. There are currently no organic whey protein production facilities capable of making a quality product, and there is no commercial source of high quality whey for protein powder production. Should this situation change in the future we will consider using such a product if it is true quality.

The Taste Test

Wellness Resources is the only company we know of that sells protein powder unflavored, with absolutely nothing else added. The reason is simple, true quality undenatured protein is not bitter tasting. The pleasant taste of our protein, even though the lactose (sugar) is removed, is a testament to its true quality. We also offer this unflavored protein with a unique oat fiber and the fruit mangosteen for a well-rounded meal (Daily Protein Plus).

Most companies add excessive amounts of sweeteners to hide the horrid flavors of their proteins. If they are trying to keep the calories down they use artificial sweeteners, which are so toxic that when they are produced all manufacturing personnel must wear special breathing masks to not be poisoned from inhaling the vapors. At Wellness Resources we would never dream of using any kind of artificial sweetener. Our product tastes great unflavored. We use small amounts of natural flavors to offer a variety of choices.

Wellness Resources Daily Protein products, like our entire line of nutritional supplements, set a quality standard for the industry that few companies ever attempt to match. Your health matters.

Favorite Smoothie Recipes:

Chocolate Banana Blast

  • 2 scoops Daily Protein Plus Chocolate
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup organic milk (may substitute rice milk or almond milk; soy milk is not recommended)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • Try adding: 1 handful organic spinach or 1 avocado

Blend ingredients together; makes 2 servings

Pomegranate Passion

  • 2 scoops Daily Protein Plus
  • 1 cup pomegranate juice
  • 1 cup plain organic yogurt
  • Try adding: organic raspberries or blueberries

Blend ingredients together; makes 2 servings

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Directions: Add 1 level scoop to 1-2 cups of water or other beverage.

Daily Protein Plus™ Original, 2 pounds

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 level scoop (approx. 30 g)
Servings per container: 30

Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Total Fat0
Total Carbohydrates5g2
Dietary Fiber1.2g5
Soluble Fiber0.9g

No Preservatives, Sugars, Artificial Sweeteners, or Artificial Flavors

Ingredients: Whey protein isolate (B-lactoglobulin 51%, A-lactalbumin 23%, Glycomacropeptides 18%, Immunoglobulins 4%, Albumin 2%, Lactoferrin and Lactoperoxidase <2%), Nutrim™ Oat Bran (10% Oat beta glucan), Mangosteen whole fruit powder (5% xanthones, 930mg/ serving), Soy lecithin (for instantizing protein for easy mixing, <1%).

Contains soy (soy lecithin) and milk (in the form of whey protein isolate). Lactose free.
Nutrim™ is a trademark of VDF Futureceuticals, Inc.

This product does NOT contain egg, fish, corn, peanuts, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, or rice. This product does NOT contain hidden fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, or sugar.

Amino Acid Profile for Daily Protein Plus:

The following amino acids are naturally occurring in Wellness Resources Daily Protein. Because of the unique ceramic filtration process we use, the amino acids are kept intact and are easily absorbed by the body. Amino acids are important for muscle health, exercise, antioxidant status, and healthy tissue growth.*

Aspartic Acid (11.9%), Threonine (8.0%), Serine (5.3%), Glutamic Acid (18.9%), Glycine (1.7%), Alanine (5.3%), Valine (6.3%), Isoleucine (7.2%), Leucine (11.2%), Tyrosine (3.2%), Phenylanaline (3.1%), Histidine (2.1%), Lysine (8.8%), Arginine (2.2%), Proline (7.8%), Cystine (2.7%), Methionine (2.2%), Tryptophan (1.9%)

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