Top 10 Health Stories of 2019

January 6, 2020 | Dr. Linda J. Dobberstein, DC, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

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 Top 10 Health Stories of 2019
Current events, cutting-edge research, and delving deep into the literature this past year brought a great diversity in topics written for the Wellness Resources weekly newsletter. While many individuals seek an array of information from Dr. Google, our online health library offers credible resources on nutrition. Recent featured articles pertained to blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rhythm, MTHFR and methylation, connections between different systems in the bod, prescription drug concerns, brain health, gut health, mitochondria, anti-aging, autophagy, mucosal barriers and cell clean-up, pre-and post-natal care, daily health needs, dietary concerns with soda pop, ultra-processed foods, and the Western Diet, depression, anxiety and mood, snoring, gallbladder, chronic fatigue syndrome, vaccination concerns, glyphosate/Round-Up and others.

In addition, several nutrients were featured which displayed recent discoveries and importance in healthy function and physiology. Nutrients high-lighted were comprised of new additions to our product line as well as long-standing favorites, why certain nutrient forms matter and hidden gems. The list included vitamin K2, magnesium, folate, bromelain, phosphatidylserine, fisetin, potassium, vitamin C, probiotics, curcumin, holy basil and other adaptogenic herbs, type II collagen/UCII, acetyl-l-carnitine, pterostilbene, vitamin D, astaxanthin, grape seed extract, silica, and PQQ. Here are the most popular articles of 2019.

Top 10 Articles

10. Common Meds May Increase Dementia Risk by 50 Percent

9. Sunscreen and Vaccine Adjuvants: As Harmless as You are Led to Believe 

8. Are You Takin Folate or Folic Acid? Read This First 

7. Low Thyroid Hormone and Brain Inflammation in CFS

6. Gut Motility: Fundamentals to Master for Metabolism, Weight Management, Gut Health 

5. The Keto Diet: Know the Risks 

4. Low Blood Pressure Causes Fatigue and Brain Stress

3. Eye Health and Gut Health Linked

2. Insufficient Magnesium – Public Health Crisis Declared

1. Vitamin K: It Helps More Than Just Bones

Other Important Articles for Today’s Concerns and Risks

There are a few other articles that I encourage you to peruse. These pertain to challenges facing us in the New Year. Information empowers you to make wiser choices. I hope these articles provide you informative resources to have a healthy 2020!

5G Wireless Looming, Health Concerns Abound

E-cigarettes and Vaping – Not Just Harmless Water Vapor 

Western Diet Causes Cycle of Brain Damage and Obesity 

Antibiotics Before Flu Vaccination Alters Immune Response

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