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blood booster

High quality iron bisglycinate, a true protein/iron complex. The form of iron highly absorbable and does not induce iron-related digestive distress or constipation.*
180 capsules
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daily prenatal multi vitamin

Complete prenatal multivitamin. A foundation of superior quality nutrients to support preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum health.*
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super mini-multi

The highest quality children's multivitamin on the market. Provides important nutrients for growth and the highest quality forms of essential nutrients.*
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mary elle lip tint

Lip tint in neutral pink.
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A nutrient-dense green algae antioxidant for detoxification, energy and digestion.*
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Health Topics

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Iodine, Iron & Zinc

In addition to calcium and magnesium, various minerals may be needed in higher amounts to support healthy female hormone function. Iodine is highly concentrated in the ovaries and breasts, and helps modulate the proper metabolism of estrogen. Iron is vital for any woman who exercises a lot, is a vegetarian, has a lot of fatigue during menstruation, or has...

Quality Iron Vital for Healthy Pregnancy

Adequate stores of iron are vital for healthy pregnancy. Iron is needed to assemble proteins to form all aspects of your baby's body; it is required for growth and intelligence. Your body handles iron with great care and caution; indeed, poor quality iron supplementation can cause a lot of problems.Not all women need supplemental iron prior to getting...

Quercetin, Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc and Thyroid Function

A variety of other nutrients, if lacking, can impede healthy thyroid function. At the top of this list are quercetin, vitamin D, iron, and zinc. Ensure you are not lacking in these, as anyone of them can be responsible for the symptoms of a sluggish thyroid. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid common in the plant kingdom, a potent polyphenol antioxidant and...

Thyroid and Cardiovascular Health

Thyroid hormone controls the rate that oxygen is used at the cellular level to make energy. Your circulatory system is how oxygen is transported to cells. Thus, there is tremendous overlap between a healthy thyroid and cardiovascular system, and conversely, between a stressed thyroid and cardiovascular system. Indicators of good health include a sense of...

Handling Constipation During Pregnancy

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy, partly due to elevated progesterone levels, partly due to thyroid struggles, and partly due to the digestive tract being compressed by the growing baby. Iron and calcium, both important for pregnancy, can also tilt one in the direction of constipation. Of course, if you are prone to constipation the...

Your Child's Digestion and Immunity

After birth your child's digestive tract begins working for the first time. In the adult digestive tract, there are hundreds of millions of foreign bacteria and yeasts that hopefully form an ecological "rain forest" of friendly non-self organisms working to help digestion and support immunity. The proper evolution of digestion in the first few years of...


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10 22, 2009

Low Iron Can Cause Chronic Pain

A new discovery about the need for iron in your brain stem (where pain registers) opens the door for an additional approach to chronic pain that may be of immense benefit to many people who are currently suffering.

11 20, 2007

Adequate Oxygenation Vital to Healthy Metabolism

New research is uncovering how hemoglobin behaves within a cell to deliver oxygen to the cell engines so that calories can be burned as fuel. Oxygen must be present within cells in order for metabolism to work at an optimal rate. Thyroid hormone is short-circuited at the cellular level if oxygen is not present.

08 22, 2012

Vitamin Status Influences Physical Fitness of Teens

Spanish researchers have gone to great lengths to correlate the blood levels of a variety of nutrients to the physical fitness of teens, while controlling for many variables to help assure the validity of their findings. Their results show that lacking key nutrients can compromise physical fitness.


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01 03, 2011

Lactoferrin's Iron Binding Function

The role of lactoferrin in the iron metabolism. Part II. Antimicrobial and antiinflammatory effect of lactoferrin by chelation of iron.

04 02, 2012

Iron Deficiency Promotes Fat Storage

Enhanced expression of lipogenic genes may contribute to hyperglycemia and alterations in plasma lipids in response to dietary iron deficiency.


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