Monolaurin - Lauricidin®

  • Broad-spectrum natural immune support*
  • Helps maintain healthy digestive immune balance*
  • May be taken daily for optimum health*
  • Mono-ester of lauric acid
  • Derived from coconut oil
  • 100% non-toxic; free of chemicals or additives

Lauricidin® Monolaurin naturally supports immune health.* It is a unique dietary fatty acid derived from coconut oil and prepared into a mono-ester of lauric acid for maximum benefits.*

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At Wellness Resources, we consider Lauricidin® Monolaurin to be the best monolaurin supplement on the market. It is a 12-carbon long fatty acid, derived from coconut oil and prepared into a mono-ester of lauric acid. Lauric acid is a compound naturally occurring in breast milk to provide immune support to babies. In this specially prepared mono-ester form (very different than plain coconut oil which has inactive triglycerides of lauric acid), it directly links and interacts with cell membranes and thereby exerts its powerful natural immune support. Its unique structure acts as a communication molecule that safely and naturally helps your immune system defend your body.*

Monolaurin vs. Coconut Oil, The Quality Difference: Coconut oil is a natural source of lauric acid. However, in coconut oil the lauric acid is contained within triglycerides that do not bind to cell membranes and are not biologically active for natural immune support. Breaking down the triglycerides of coconut oil into something useful happens only in tiny amounts, if at all, making coconut oil an inferior comparison to the highly biologically active monolaurin.*

Small Monolaurin Pellets, Easy to Use: Lauricidin® Monolaurin is highly purified and biologically active monolaurin that comes in small 30 mg. pellets. A common adult dose is 50 pellets (1/2 tsp) three times per day (1500 mg three times per day). Higher dose amounts may be taken by adults. Children may use less, with doses ranging from 5-50 pellets at a time. Because these pellets are so small and easy to swallow they are great immune support for kids.*

More on Monolaurin: Monolaurin has been extensively researched for more than three decades as a safe and effective way to bolster your immune system. Because it is a simple short chain fatty acid, if your immune system doesn't need it for help, it can simply be broken down and used as a source of caloric energy. The fact that lauric acid naturally occurs in breast milk speaks not only to its power as a natural immune support factor, but also to its inherent safety.*

It is now recognized that the healthy balance of foreign cells residing in your digestive tract has a large bearing not only on digestive health but immune system competence. Lauricidin® Monolaurin is a wonderful supplement to promote healthy digestive flora and yeast balance.*

Lauricidin® Monolaurin is backed by a significant body of research showing that it can help to support your immune system in a wide variety of circumstances, and even helps keep your own cells healthier while reducing the toxic burden associated with immune system battles.* Monolaurin is a great tool to have in your natural immune support toolbox.*

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