Success Stories

Living the Leptin Lifestyle and it works!

I have been using the tools you lay out in your books, The Leptin Diet and Mastering Leptin and your supplements. I have been following The Five Rules of the Leptin Diet® for 6 months now and have lost copious amounts of weight! My progress has come a long way. I'm starting to see an increase in energy and I also feel that my cognitive function dramatically improved with using your Daily DHA™. Thank you Byron!

--Brian B.

An Inspiration!

I would like to thank Byron and Wellness Resources for everything you do -- just as nature intended. I have every Podcast, I have written into the show and have my family members on your supplements. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration for me, Byron!

--Matt H.

Dramatic Results

Thank you Byron so much for providing your knowledge and quality supplement assistance! You and your wife Mary have already dramatically improved my life and future!

--Allen W.

Feeling Fantastic

I started reading Mastering Leptin book in May 2008 – and started applying the principles. I'm feeling better than I have in 6 years! Still room for improvement, but on the right!

-- Kim T.

Grateful Reader

I have been an avid reader of your books and passed much information on to others as well, and I am so grateful that you are telling us the truth that our doctors won't.
Thank you for your help,

--Patty H.

Great Science

Your explanation, in "Insulin, Leptin, and Blood Sugar – Why Diabetic Medication Fails" of how the biological chemistry works in the body, is the most informative analysis about the relational metabolic constellation of leptin signaling, triglycerides, insulin, blood cholesterol, the liver, disease causality etc. that I've ever seen.
Thank you for your work!

--Josh N

Well Done

I just read your truly excellent article showing yet another dangerous aspect of statin drugs – The Statin Scam Marches On. But then you went on to show how they defamed Vitamin E so as to advance the sales of statin drugs. Really well done.
Many Thanks & Best Wishes,

--Scott T.

Health Freedom Advocate

Regarding Health Freedom -- nobody ever has, or ever will say it better. All members of Congress ought to be required to read your article. Thank you, Sir, for your noble effort.

-- Warren W., Veteran WWII

Excellent Insight

I hale your career of bringing the nation and world into the 21st century on nutrition and healthcare! Thank you for all your great healthful insight and sharing.

-- Andrew G.

Unparalleled Quality

I have been taking Wellness Resources supplements for 5 years now and they have significantly enhanced my quality of life with regular exercise and healthy eating. Thank you for all your diligence in supplying quality supplements! I have shared with many of my friends as well, and they have also benefited from your supplements.

-- Beth W.

Thank You

Byron, Thank you so much for your interest in nutrition and your high quality supplements! I'm blessed to share it with my family!
Take Care,


Women’s Health

Thank you for the class and the articles on bio-identical hormones. I've learned so much!

-- Sonia


I appreciate your e-newsletter, thank you very much!

-- Albert M.

Appreciate all Your Information

Thank you for all of the information that you provide. I am trying to educate myself about my health, and I really appreciate the information on your website and in your podcasts.

-- John R.

Huge Fan

Thank you very much for all your good work that has helped so many people.
I'm a huge fan.


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**These are real client stories communicated to Wellness Resources; they were not solicited. While Wellness Resources hears many success stories on a regular basis, please understand that results may vary.



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