Mastering Leptin

Mastering Leptin

Mastering Leptin is the first book to explain the hormone leptin and what you can do to master it!

  • Learn to Solve Difficult Weight Management Issues
  • 5 Rules to Balance Leptin in the Body
  • Learn How Fat Cells Talk to the Brain and Influence Behavior
  • Why Snacking is Causing Weight Gain and Obesity

ISBN-13: 978-1933927251, 409 pages, 6x9" paperback, 3rd edition


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Have you tried every diet and still can't lose weight? Do you lose weight and gain it right back? Much more than a diet book, Mastering Leptin explains how your hormones govern weight loss and what you can do to once and for all take control of your weight, increase energy, and improve overall health.

Mastering Leptin Supplement

About the Authors   |   Reviews & Quotes   |   Table of Contents

Mastering Leptin, by Byron J. Richards, explains how we can conquer the obesity epidemic in America. Finally the mysteries of the hormone leptin have been unlocked, opening the door for permanent weight management, resolution of low thyroid symptoms, and significantly improved energy.

Learn why diets do not work and how weight management can be easy, safe, and long-lasting. This is a book ahead of its time, explaining over 800 of the most crucial and recent leptin-related scientific studies.

Leptin is a powerful hormone produced in fat cells, in control of ALL other hormones in the body. It is essential for survival, guiding the proper response to starvation.

Problems with leptin enforce "starvation metabolism" on an individual, even when there is plenty of food around. Eating in harmony with leptin is essential for healthy metabolism, especially as a person grows older and begins to struggle with weight around the midsection.

Key signs of a leptin problem include: uncontrollable sugar and food cravings, late night eating, stress eating, weight gain around the middle, unable to reach a goal weight, yo-yo dieting, low thyroid symptoms. Left unhandled these problems cause obesity, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Leptin problems are now fully proven to be the primary cause of heart disease, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, circulatory inflammation, and hardening of the arteries. These factors have now been proven regardless of a person's body weight. Conversely, proper leptin function is highly protective of all factors relating to cardiovascular health. These new discoveries are fully explained in the third edition of Mastering Leptin.

Publisher's comments:
Our feedback from readers has been astounding! Many individuals agree that the 5 Rules for eating in Mastering Leptin make so much sense and are easy to follow as a lifestyle, not a diet. Thousands of people have healthily lost weight and kept it off by following the guidelines and getting the leptin hormone into balance.

We are excited to present this breakthrough in weight management and successfully contribute to resolving the obesity epidemic, which claims 400,000 lives per year. Be among the first to find out about leptin and its immense importance to your health!

About the Authors

Byron J. Richards, a health expert with 20 years experience helping thousands of individuals naturally improve their health is the first to explain the meaning of over 7,500 studies on the hormone leptin and its link to solving obesity. Richards is a pioneer in the field of applied clinical nutrition and has an extensive understanding of nutritional bio-chemistry as it applies to all aspects of health, including integration with traditional medicine. He is an expert on the hormone leptin and its amazing relation to weight, thyroid, anti-aging, hormone balance, and disease.

Mary Guignon Richards, Women's Health Educator, has inspired many women to take charge of their health and improve their quality of life for over 20 years. Mary has a nursing background, has raised 4 healthy children, and continues to help many individuals with nutrition. Mary has driven the concept of "taking charge of your own health" throughout Mastering Leptin.

Author comments:
The obesity epidemic is preventable, especially if enough people know what to do. Most diets rely on calorie manipulation of one type or another, a technique that usually results in weight management in the short term and even more weight gain in the future.

The big breakthrough is in understanding the hormone leptin. It becomes obvious that when a person eats is actually more important than what they eat. Snacking turns out to be one of the most harmful eating habits. Those individuals who make a habit of eating late at night are on a fast track to accelerated aging, poor sleep, and poor health. This is not a fad diet, this is the new science – and every person needs to understand what it is all about.

Mastering Leptin brings clarity to a lifestyle of healthy eating, with the consequence of better energy and a higher quality of health. It is the first time it has been possible for individuals to eat in a pattern that actually resolves the symptoms of low thyroid and prevents the onset of many diseases of aging that are currently plaguing our society.

Reviews & Quotes

"With over 700 references, but written in a clear format, this gem can lead to optimum health, vitality, and wellness."

-- Marriage Magazine, March 2003

"Mastering Leptin is the "Rosetta Stone" of the body. It explains very simply and in an easy to understand fashion, how the body works."

-- Diane P.

"Mastering Leptin contains truly cutting-edge information, very timely in light of today's obesity epidemic. It raises the standard for managing weight."

-- Linda Dobberstein, DC, March 1, 2003

"Richards presents a technical subject through analogies, examples, diagrams and detail in forty-five chapters organized by topic."

-- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Association of Minnesota, April 12, 2003

"I have finally found out after all these years what exactly was causing me to over eat. I have been following the 5 steps and taking LeptiSlim... so far my sweet urges are gone...Thank you!

-- Sandra, VA

"The Five Rules in Mastering Leptin make so much sense! After following them for just a week, I noticed such a difference in my energy level. I feel great!"

-- David, MN

Hi Mary and Byron,
Last April, you came to Bethany and spoke about your book, Mastering Leptin. I spoke to you after your talk and was curious, but a bit skeptical about the chances of your technique working for me. However, I purchased and read your book and decided to give it a try.
I'm pleased to say that I am very happy about the results that I have had. I weighed 175 lbs (I'm 51 years old and I'm 5'8" tall) at the time I started on May 1, 2003. By August I had lost 15 pounds and I have kept if off - even through the holidays! I have to tell you, I have not given up my favorite foods (including dessert and chocolate) but I know that if I eat them with my meals I will not have to worry so much. 
I continue to work out daily and practice yoga 1-2 times a week. I now need to take my program one step further and cut out some of those sweets so that I can lose 5-7 pounds more!
I just wanted you to know how happy I am with the results that I have had by following your suggestions. I tell everyone that asks that this is the best and safest way to lose weight and maintain a healthy balance between the foods I love and the way I need to eat.

-- Elayne, Mankato, MN

"I read Mastering Leptin and I love this book - it's brilliant! It makes so much sense and it is working quite well for me personally! Thank you for all your help!"

-- Diane O.

"I read Mastering Leptin and thought it was great! It is the best book I've read on the topic of weight management. I really felt I gained some understanding of the issues. Thank you. I started The Leptin Diet® one month ago and have lost twelve pounds thus far! I have been eating two protein shakes and one meal per day. I have not found it as difficult as I thought to limit myself to 3 meals and no snacking. I have also incorporated exercising into my new lifestyle. Thanks again for Mastering Leptin and Daily Protein™, they have been very helpful."

-- Janet L.

"I love the book Mastering Leptin! I recommend the book to every forum I belong to. I feel it is absolutely the best one out there! The 5 Rules of The Leptin Diet make perfect sense and something I have always intuitively suspected!"

-- Bret H.

Table of Contents


PART 1: The Scope of Leptin
1. The Most Powerful Hormone in the Human Body 
2. Be a Health Asset Manager
3. What is Natural Balance? 
4. Fat and Leptin - The New Reality 
5. How Fat Communicates 
6. Why Dieting Does Not Work 
7. Addiction, Alcohol and Leptin 
8. Drugs and Leptin 
9. Are you Destined to be Fat 
10. New Fat-Burning Discoveries 
11. The Cause of Heart Disease 
12. The Importance of Mastering Leptin

PART 2: The Leptin Diet®
13. A Lifelong Strategy 
14. The Five Rules 
15. Maximize Primary Fat-Burning Time 
16. Leptin and Insulin - Birds of a Feather 
17. Space Meals for Maximal Benefit 
18. Preventing the Super-Sized Waistline
19. Getting Off to a Good Start - The Importance of Protein
20. Eat like a Pyramid, Look like a Pyramid
21. The Secrets to Accessing Fat-Burning Mode
22. Conquering Stress Eating 
23. Is Caffeine Good or Bad? 
24. Brain Cravings 
25. Ghrelin, the Stomach's Cry for Food 
26. Dangerous Weight Management 
27. Reviewing Key Food and Fat Burning Points

PART 3: Preventing Disease
28. Timing, Inflammation and Aging 
29. Stress and A Fat Stomach
30. Solving Weight Gain Around the Midsection 
31. Resolving Eating Disorders
32. Exercise to Solve Leptin Problems 
33. Proper Sleep; A Key to Needed Repair 
34. Increasing Growth Hormone, Naturally
35. Male Hormone Fitness
36. Female Hormone Balance 
37. The Estrogen Confusion 
38. Menopausal Weight Gain 
39. Thyroid Problems Finally Resolved 
40. Fibromyalgia: Is Your Metabolism Worn Out or Clogged? 
41. Rapid Weight Gain and Yo-Yo Diets 
42. Solving Stubborn Weight Management 
43. Leptin, NF kappa B, and the Cause of Cancer
44. Leptin, NF kappa B, and the Cause of Disease
45. A Major Breakthrough for Bones 
46. Leptin, NF kappa B, and Prostate Cancer
47. Leptin, NF kappa B, and Breast Cancer 
48. The Anti-Aging Skills of the Health Asset Manager


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