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Thank you for the Self-Health for the 21st Century courses!

Thank you for posting the July Q&A for the Self-Health for the 21st Century course. I was able to listen to it just fine, and was grateful since I had to miss the original broadcast. Thank you!

--Anita O.

Super Coenzyme B-Complex™ is the best!

The Super Coenzyme B-Complex™ vitamins are the best that I have ever taken! I have tried four different types of B-vitamins and this one is by far the best for energy and stressors! I would recommend it for anyone who excercises as well. It is also a great product for hair as I have noticed that mine is growing so fast! Thanks Byron!


Blood Builder™ is Amazing!

I just had to e-mail you to let you know how wonderful your Blood Builder™ product worked! Three months ago my ferritin level was very low. My Doctor just called to let me know my levels are now within normal range and she wanted to know what I was taking because she prescribed ferrous sulfate and I told her that I had not taken it. Thank you!

--Laura B.

Thank You!

I ordered the Daily Super Pack™ for my husband (who does not like to take vitamins), so the packages are great for him. He works long hours at a physically demanding job so he needs the extra boost. He noticed a difference after only a few days! He said that he felt like superman! Thanks again, he is now hooked!

--Deanna E.

Thank you!

I enjoy all the information I have received from your website and e-Newsletter. I love your products too. They have helped me a lot. Thank you!

--Jenny H.

Immune Plus Working Wonders for Me!

Thank you for the card. It felt nice to receive a personal response. I said that I would let you know if the Immune Plus™ worked, well here's what I have observed: I purchased the product to boost my lymph movement as I have some backup and stagnation due to a severe leg injury. When I read your product information it said that some of the symptoms were problems with mucous buildup especially in the morning and after meals. I have always had to use a nasal spray due to a blocked nostril and my nose runs embarrassingly after a meal. Within a week and a half of using the Immune Plus™ this problem is gone! I have been telling everyone about this because I am amazed. My leg looks almost normal again. Thanks for your concern and the great product!

--Jim R.

Changed My Quality of Life!

Thank you for providing these quality products. I am noticing a difference in my energy level since I began using the Thyroid Energy Package -- Thyroid Helper®, Iosol Iodine, and Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ several weeks ago. I work an overnight shift, and I notice that I am no longer in a state of mental and physical exhaustion at the end of my shift, as I so often used to be. This makes a real difference to my quality of life, and I'm looking forward to seeing more positive benefits from long term use of these products.

--Joe P.

Excellent Weekly Podcast

Thank you for your very informative and well delivered podcasts. It's such a pleasure to listen to your simple explanations of health conditions and remedies.

-- Jo

Great Article on Glenn Beck

I just wanted to write and thank you profusely and profoundly for your article on Glenn Beck's eyes. I thank Heaven that there are still people who believe as strongly as you in the power of hope and the power of nutrition to keep a person healthy. I truly find your articles so helpful - you explain the science of nutrition in ways that are so easy to understand, and you leave out the "scare tactics" that so many other nutritional websites contain.
Thank you SO MUCH for your amazing website!

-- Roberta R.

Thank you for sending me the Self-Health for the 21st Century Certificate for Level One!

My health has been compromised for quite some time now. Coming across the Wellness Resources website is one of the best things that has happened to me. I am applying everything I learned in the course, Self-Health for the 21st Century, Level One along with the nutritional supplements available from Wellness Resources. I am very thankful to Mr. Byron J. Richards, for offering this extremely beneficial course, his weekly podcasts, online classes, his especially comprehensive articles on natural antioxidants etc., and also for providing nutritional supplements that actually work.
I am able to better understand my symptoms and take the necessary nutritional supplements. As some of my nutritional deficiencies get taken care of, my health appears to be improving slowly but surely. This is very important for those suffering from multiple nutritional deficiencies.


Great Site!

This web site is great. It's like one stop information shopping. Thanks so much!

-- Christine S.

Thyroid Helper™ is Fantastic!

I have been lacking energy, accompanied by irritability and mood swings, for a few years now. I was also losing quite a bit of hair in the shower and eventually stopped growing hair under my arms. My mom has low thyroid as did my grandmother. I thought perhaps I should have my thyroid checked. My doctor said that my thyroid was "fine," although I did not feel "fine." She actually put me on a mood medication, which I reluctanlty took for at least a year if not longer. No surprise to me, the mood medication didn't make one bit of difference in my life. I let it go for awhile and recently readdressed the issue with my doctor. I had another thyroid test that was "fine." I'm a nurse and I do a lot of research (probably more than I should). Knowing what I do about thyroid symptoms, my family history, as well as being in tune with my body, I was absolutely convinced that my thyroid was sluggish. I decided to take matters into my own hands and try the Thyroid Helper™. It took about a week to notice any change, but what a difference! I have energy! I sleep better and wake up refreshed and don't have the mid-afternoon crash. Best of all, I feel less irritable. Hallelujah! I'm very excited about the change and am hopeful for the future. I look forward to adding more of your supplements to my regime. Thanks so much! I also wanted to mention that I received my order within about 2 or 3 days of placing it. Fantastic!

Great Telecourse!

I love the telecourse level one: classes 1 to 5. Keep up the outstanding work!

--David S.

Wonderful Stress Relief

I was a constant sufferer of anxiety and panic and had used lemon balm extract from other companies with no results. I took one Sleep Helper ® the first time and WOW! Within 5 minutes I was relaxed and not drowsy, actually very focused! This is a great product! Thanks again.


Very Helpful!

Thank you to the Wellness Specialist who helped me. She was very informative and helpful when I called!

--Susan T.

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