Success Stories

A True Hero

Thanks for being here. I love your Podcast and all your intelligent info. You are a hero.

-- Laura

Great Book & Classes

Hello Byron! Thank you so much for all you are doing! Your wisdom and ability to explain it all is amazing! I love The Leptin Diet™ and I am devouring (no calories!) all your great classes and podcasts every chance I get!

-- Diane O.

Brilliant Work

Please continue your brilliant work. Thank you for keeping your writings intelligent and scientific and for the great analogies you use to describe complicated things. I intend to use this information to help my family and myself live healthier lives.

-- Kim T.


Thank you for providing these podcasts and making available this in-depth nutritional information in an understandable and not-watered down form!

-- Roberta J.


Thank you so much for your wonderful Podcasts. I eagerly look forward to them each week!

-Sue, Australia

Your Work is Appreciated

I hope you and your family are doing well. Your help and advice are greatly appreciated. Your supplements have been excellent for me in my health regimen. Thank you so much for your continued hard work in educating the masses about more appropriate, effective, safe and natural health care options versus the poison Big Pharma is currently trying to kill everybody with (while the FDA lets them get away scott-free).

Cheryle C.

Podcast Q&A

I just listened to your answer to my question on your Podcast and I want to say thank you so much! Your brilliance never ceases to amaze me. My birthday is actually today and your answer was a great gift!

-- Brian R.

Excellent Information

I think all of your information is the best – state of the art and easy to understand, and I have been studying health issues since about 1960. Thank you for this service to your fellow man. I study constantly, looking for answers for all my health issues. I appreciate your help.

-- Beti S.

Listening Across the Pond

Your weekly Podcast and health news updates are much appreciated on this side of the pond! I think I’ve learned more from your books and articles than my entire time studying at the university and finally the penny is beginning to drop that there is a difference between eliminating the symptoms and treating the root cause of disease!
Many thanks,

--P Sabeti, UK

Grateful Listener

You are a tremendous help! I learn so much from your wise and frankly honest podcast each week. The truth about health is a rare commodity in this generation. I am so impressed by your knowledge, especially the insight you have to interconnections of health that most health practitioners and books I have read do not understand. How health issues effect the body as a whole, the root causes of diseases, how drugs and supplements effect our body systems, co-factors needed for supplements to be effective, etc cetera. Thank you on behalf of so many of your grateful listeners!
Enormously appreciative of your expertise,

--Diane M.

Immune Plus

I just wanted to thank Byron for letting me know in my consultation that I could increase the Immune Plus™ dosage. I increased it and the difference is AMAZING! I feel so much better. Thank you!

-- Allison S.

You Saved My life!

I have been battling many illnesses and generally poor health for years. I have tried everything; seen numerous doctors, and struggled with food since I can remember. One day I came across your videos on the web and they have changed my life. I got the Leptin Diet Book and started following The Five Rules. It is so easy and simple, but brilliant! I love it! Not only do I feel better, but am also on the road to recovery! Planning meals is so much easier when you only focus on 3 per day.
Thank you Byron, you saved my life.

--Marina F.

Health Regained

Wanted to send my thanks for Byron’s website, books and Podcasts. His vast information has helped me to regain my health!
Forever Grateful,

--Susan M.

Happy Client for 7 Years!

Just wanted to say that I have been taking Wellness Resources' supplements for 7 years! They are such high quality products and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that. Thank you!

--Elsie G.

Very Pleased!

I have been buying supplements from your company for several years now, and am very pleased! I really enjoy Byron's newsletter and research. I am looking forward to better health, nutrient absorption and even mobility with a nerve condition, as I start to implement the information on this site!

--Sarah K.

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**These are real client stories communicated to Wellness Resources; they were not solicited. While Wellness Resources hears many success stories on a regular basis, please understand that results may vary.



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