Success Stories

Amazing Products!

We love the products! They're truly amazing!

--Nathan B.

Excited About My Health Improvements

I love listening to your Podcasts and The Leptin Diet® book and program has been a life saver! Three years ago I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders and had been diagnosed with lupus. Following The Leptin Diet® has greatly improved my health status! I'm also helping to educate those around me. Thank you for your contribution to my wellness!

--Susan M.


Thyroid Helper® is amazing! Thyroid Helper® is amazing! I started it on Thursday and by Monday I was feeling better. I have energy all day. I will definitely be a regular customer.

Fantastic Health Class

I just finished listening to the Webinar on Cardiovascular Health and Longevity. I wanted to thank Byron, it was an excellent class and I learned quite a bit from it. I look forward to more classes from him in the future!
--Diane N.

Thank You

I love your excellent service as much as your high quality products -- and regularly recommend Wellness Resources to my family and friends. Thank you!
--Maria G.

Keep up the Great Work

Thank you for the unique and thorough research that you have shared through your website, as well as your unique and helpful supplements. I too share your concerns regarding GMO's and appreciate your efforts to educate the public regarding the dangers they create. Keep up the great work!
--JoAnn R.

Love Larry Leptin

Just wanted to say I loved the last Larry Leptin GMO Video! I had been just writing in my journal and feeling so frustrated, to say the least, with all that lies that people are being bamboozled with. The video really felt empowering and hopeful because you are putting the truth out there! Thank goodness for Larry! Larry is very brave as is Byron!
-- Diane O.

GI Soother

What a wonderful product! I have long battled with stomach upsets, especially after the holidays. This past year was particularly bad. A friend recommended GI Soother™. I noticed a difference immediately, no more stomach pain or bloating and only after taking it twice. What really sold me was that I was having a very stressful day and my GI track felt like it was twisting, so I quickly took some GI Soother™ and within minutes everything settled down. I am feeling better and able to eat normal again. This is a wonderful website as well. I have learned so much about how my body functions, and I love the classes. Thank you so much!
-- Mary F.

Fiber Helper is the Best

Fiber Helper™ is the only fiber I have ever found that works great and doesn’t upset my stomach! I have been using it for nearly 2 years now!
-- Tisha K.

Thank You!

Thanks you again Byron, for a great sale on your wonderful products and for all the up-to-date information in your health articles that nobody else will give us!
-- Susan H.

Cleared Congestion

I increased my dose of Immune Plus after listening to your Podcast and my sinus problem, which has been bothering me for years, has almost completely cleared up! Thank you so much!
-- John R.


I am thrilled with Thyroid Helper® and have shared it with my daughter who is now feeling great! Thank you!
-- Amy H.

Best Book Ever!

Thank you for finally explaining the many problems that I have seen these past 30 years in practice and in my life. Mastering Leptin is the best physiological explanation since Guyton!
-- Martin D, MD

Leading Experts

Wow! Thank you to Byron & Mary Guignon Richards for your work and information in Mastering Leptin. I am excited to study with you! I will start from the beginning with your books and online articles. I had not seen your website before, but had heard about the significance of leptin in blood sugar issues. I recently started thinking it could be related to many more issues, and your website and your work have clearly demonstrated that and are so informative to the world. Thank you again!
-- K. C.

Forever Your Client

I love your products and will forever be a client. I have never felt so good! Thank you for your informative website.
-- Annemarie C.

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**These are real client stories communicated to Wellness Resources; they were not solicited. While Wellness Resources hears many success stories on a regular basis, please understand that results may vary.


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