Butternut Squash Soup

November 7, 2012

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 Butternut Squash Soup
Butternut Squash Soup

· 1 organic white or yellow onion
· 1 organic granny smith apple
· 1 large organic butternut squash
· 1 med. to lg. organic sweet potato
· 1 organic rutabaga
· 32 oz chicken broth (Ideally homemade but otherwise organic, free range is best)
· 1 stick organic butter
· 1/2 cup organic heavy whipping cream (optional)
· 1/4 cup organic maple syrup
· Organic cayenne to taste
Add the full stick of organic butter to a large stock pot, set to low heat. Peel and cube butternut squash, sweet potato and rutabaga. Add the uncooked butternut squash, sweet potato and rutabaga to the large stock pot, set to medium heat and cover. Stir occasionally to eliminate burning the veggies at the bottom.

Meanwhile, finish peeling and cubing the onion and apple and add to the same pot. Add 16oz of your chicken broth to stock pot. Keep it set at medium heat and cover. Stir occasionally to prevent burning on the bottom of the pot. Once all of the veggies are soft (about 30-45 minutes) transfer to a food processor in batches. (an immersion blender can also be used)  
Once pureed, transfer back to the large stock pot over low heat. Add organic heavy whipping cream (optional ), maple syrup, and the remaining 16oz of chicken broth. The addition of the cream creates a more smooth texture and slightly richer taste. Stir until mixed well. Add cayenne pepper to taste.
You can customize this recipe very easily. Adjust the amount of broth, cream, butter, maple syrup and cayenne to your taste and nutritional preferences!

This recipe doubles and triples perfectly -- freeze the extras so you can have it on hand anytime!

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