2022 Natural Health News Articles

January 1, 2023 | Dr. Linda J. Dobberstein, DC, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

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 2022 Natural Health News Articles
Each year brings vast amounts of health information and research to our fingertips, just a few clicks away. When you are looking for solid, credible health information, it can be hard to know where to turn. Wellness Resources has always focused on cutting through the clutter and providing you with credible, real answers to your health and nutrition questions. We dedicate hours each week to bring you cutting-edge research in a convenient and streamlined way.

Here is a review of this year’s articles. These cover a variety of health topics, support for vitality, and optimizing healthy structure and function. From the best nutrients to help stress, sleep, and mood to protecting your eyes, joints, and mitochondria, you’ll find solid information to help you strengthen your health naturally.

I appreciate that you have chosen to read, learn, and empower your health choices with our work here at Wellness Resources. Best wishes for a healthy 2023!

Optimizing Health of Body Systems

Optimizing Function and Vitality

Dietary and Environmental Topics That Affects Your Daily Life

Optimizing Mitochondria Function

Nutrient Related Topics and Latest Information

Optimum health is far more than the absence of disease. It is up to you to take charge of your wellness and vitality. Take small steps every day to make changes towards healthier choices.

I hope you take advantage of this natural health information and invite you to share these articles, our website, and your success with family and friends. Encourage others to learn about their nutritional health. You can do it!

I wish you a blessed, happy, healthy New Year!

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