Big Pharma or Family Owned - Who Makes the Vitamins You Take?

August 8, 2022 | Dr. Linda J. Dobberstein, DC, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

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 Big Pharma or Family Owned - Who Makes the Vitamins You Take?
Words like “recommended by pharmacists and doctors” invokes an element of expectation and trust for quality, but did you know many of these so called “top brands” are actually owned by multinational pharmaceutical and chemical companies? How much can we trust a supplement that is manufactured by the same giant company that also makes Roundup?

Many of these brands were once small businesses, but now have been swallowed up. Do they continue to hold the same values that they did when they were starting out and pioneering in the supplement industry?

• Centrum, the “#1 brand of supplements recommended by pharmacists and medical doctors”, is owned by the pharmaceutical giant Glaxo Smith Kline. GSK is a global pharmaceutical company that posted double digit sales growth in the second quarter of 2022 with its vast focus on general and specialty medicines and vaccines.

• Nature Made is owned by Pharmavite. The parent company for Pharmavite is the Japanese company Otsuka Pharmaceuticals.

• One-A-Day is owned by Bayer. Bayer is global enterprise involved with pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and agricultural chemicals.

• General Nutrition Centers (GNC) was acquired recently by Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, a Chinese partially state-owned pharmaceutical manufacturer.

• New Chapter was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2012.

• Nature’s Bounty, Vitafusion MultiVites, Swanson, Nature’s Way Alive!, Olly The Perfect Men’s/Women’s Multi, MegaFood and many other well-known brands are owned by mega pharmaceutical corporations like Nestle, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), Pfizer, KKR, SPC and others.

What comes first, profits or health? Are these pharmaceutical giants more interested in your disease care or your nutrition care?

Wellness Resources: Family Owned Since 1985

Wellness Resources is a small family-owned business based in Edina, Minnesota. We started in 1985 and are here to stay. Over the years we have been dedicated to using only the finest quality nutrients, no chemical additives, the same forms of nutrients used in research, and enough to be beneficial. We care about your health and want you to see results!

Highly Absorbable Nutrients

We source only the highest purity, most absorbable raw material nutrients in the world. We never cut corners and compromise quality. Check out our Quality Chart to compare individual nutrients and see what you’re taking!

Science-Based Specialty Formulas

Wellness Resources® formulas combine synergistic nutrients and optimize nutrient absorption for maximum health benefits. Our innovative formulations are based on extensive science and an in-depth understanding of nutritional biochemistry.

Branded & Standardized Nutrients

We use many branded and standardized nutrients from quality suppliers, ensuring potency and consistency. Two products can contain the same amount of a substance on the label but could have different levels of the active component.

Manufactured in USA

Wellness Resources® supplements are manufactured in the United States. Our labs follow stringent quality guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Each production lot is tested to ensure finished product quality, purity, and potency.
Our supplements are made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients as opposed to mass produced supplement tablets that are hard to digest, are synthetic, and filled with food colorings, sugars, aluminum, tin, and/or preservatives. Small batches allow us to keep quality a top priority.

Third-Party Tested

We use third party testing to verify the identity and amounts of ingredients to ensure you are getting exactly what’s on the label. We test for contaminants such as microbes and heavy metals. Rest assured, you’re getting the highest purity supplements on the market!

No Junk Fillers, Additives, or Common Allergens

The Wellness Resources® supplement line is formulated for individuals with multiple food and environmental sensitivities. We avoid cheap raw materials, common allergens, and unnecessary fillers and binders that reduce product quality. We use high quality excipient ingredients in small amounts to ensure product quality and consistency.

Direct to You – Best Value

We do not spend money on expensive ad campaigns or inflate our prices through a multi-level or middleman distribution system. Instead, we provide the highest quality supplements directly to you, giving you the quality and value you deserve!

Personalized Service and Support

We are here to help you! We spend time conversing with our customers in person, by phone or by email for product selection and health support. When you call us, you get to talk directly with knowledgeable, experienced Wellness Specialists. You do not have to go through a phone tree to talk with someone!

Natural Health Expertise at Your Fingertips

Wellness Resources provides vast amounts of natural health expertise for free in our yearly catalog and on our website, Please let us know if you would like a catalog mailed to you. It is a great resource to have on hand or to share with a friend.

The Supplements section on our website provides a general description and purpose about each different product with a full disclosure of all ingredients. The Health Topics section provides a variety of common health topics to aid you on your quest for health resiliency and vitality.

Thousands of News Articles

We also provide a vast nutrition-oriented health articles designed to empower you. Our Health News library contains thousands of in-depth, comprehensive articles help you make informed decisions about your health.

They have been written with a deep perspective of clinical nutrition on cutting-edge health topics using peer reviewed research material and presented with readily understandable and usable information for today's challenges. 

Topics in the news articles encompasses a wide range of nutrient features like vitamin A and astaxanthin to hyaluronic acid and zinc. It also features topics about thyroid, leptin, immune, digestive health, brain, mitochondria, joints, glyphosate/Roundup and so much more.

Here are a couple of past Year in Review articles. Please take a moment to catch up or refresh your knowledge on some of the latest, cutting edge topics.

2021 Year in Review: A Time to Take Charge of Your Health

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You can also view the latest news information at

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This library and our other readily available materials provide you with tremendous resources in a time when food and nutritional literacy and “well-care” are lacking in the “disease-care” business methodology. You generally won’t find these tools and personalized service either in big box stores or online giants.

Flagship Formulas and Customer Favorites

We offer over 100 nutritional supplements ranging from your essentials like pure nutraceutical grade non-GMO vitamin C to specialty formulations that support various body systems. We encourage you to check them out and compare to other products.

Some of our original flagship formulas which continue to be popular include Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin, Activator Plus, Daily Protector Eye & Immune, RelaxaMag, Repair Plus, Super Immune Booster, and Thyroid Helper.

Additional customer favorites include Adrenal Helper, Blood Booster, Daily Bone Xcel, Cardio Helper, Digestive Helper, Glutathione Ultra, Joint All, Leptinal, Super Brain Booster, Super Mini Multi, and more.

America was built on small family businesses and values. We continue to strive for and sustain these principles as a family-owned and operated business based in the heart of the Midwest. We are passionate and dedicated to providing quality products, education, and service to you!

Whether you are a new customer or have been with us for decades, we appreciate you! We know you have many choices. We hope that you continue to choose us today and for years to come!

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