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West Coast Organic Sulfur Report

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Good physical health is more than the absence of illness and certainly more
than feeling good because you work out regularly, or because you are not sick
very often. Good emotional health is more than not being angry or depressed,
and spiritual (or ethical) health; well… that’s something altogether rare and
Our bodies, minds, relationships, emotions, morality, and ethics exist in an
incredibly complex balance—in modern culture, sadly, usually destructive.
Education deeper than trendy self-help books, learning to take complete
personal responsibility, having awareness about good health (in a context more
demanding than talk shows and social conversation), and participation beyond
popular diet and exercise fads, are crucial. I have reported the information
accurately and you are responsible if you decide to participate.
As of 2014 I have spent 34 years helping people achieve mental and physical
health (which is different than physical fitness). The aspects of good health
that, practiced together, have consistently offered the best results are: (i)
organic sulfur flakes and Catalyst Altered Water for body cellular health; (ii) a
responsible diet and mild exercise; (iii) Emotional Freedom Techniques1 for
body energy management and health; and (iv), a non-interfering lifestyle
governed by spiritual or ethical principles for universal harmony.2 This report is
for information principally about the first aspect.
As I said, this is based principally on telephone interviews and participants’
experience. These are self-help, self-applied, non-medical health applications.
Be responsible and read the disclaimer at the end of this manual.

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West Coast Organic Sulfur Report

2014 May

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