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130 pounds lost!

"Within 1½ years, I'd lost over 130 lbs. I went from size 26 to size 8 pants. The secret of my success has been to treat it as a lifestyle change, not a diet." - Heidi R.

My name is Heidi. I'm a 21-year-old college student who began school weighing over 300 lbs. I'd never been on a diet, but was determined to lose weight when I realized I couldn't meet boys at the size I was. I began following the Leptin Diet 1½ years ago, after my mother gave me a copy of Mastering Leptin.


I began by cutting out pop and sugar, then cutting down grains and carbs, spacing my meals as instructed, eliminating snacks. It was hard at first because I was so used to drinking pop and eating junk food whenever I wanted. I began an exercise program where I started at the bottom of a hill and ran as far as I could. I left a rock where I stopped. Each day I ran a little further, moving the rock as I went. Pretty soon, I could run clear to the top of the hill. When I was brave enough I switched to the college gym, where I ran sprints and began weight training.

As my eating habits improved and I applied The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet®, the weight started dropping off. I began to meditate, used a de-stressing program, and paid attention to my sleep habits. It really made a difference. People began to comment as the pounds melted off. The weight loss was steady, and quite rapid. Within six months I had lost 50 lbs. It hardly seemed possible. I felt great.

I attribute my success to making The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet® a lifestyle. Any cravings I had diminished rapidly. I came to love my diet and what I ate. I just made the decision not to eat junk and stuck with it. If I did trip up, I forgave myself and moved on. Within 1½ years, I'd lost over 130 lbs. I went from size 26 to size 8 pants.

I decided to take part in The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge and try to increase my weight loss rate by strictly following Byron’s tips, week by week. As I implemented each week’s tips, I noticed a real difference in my energy levels and how I felt. I was very pleased with the results. I lost 25 lbs this spring during the Weight Loss Challenge. The weight came off pretty easily until right at the end. I imagine that like Byron said, I had a lot of damaged fat cells that need to be taken care of, in light of how much weight I’ve lost. I’m already implementing Week 12’s tips and have seen the weight start to come off again. I only have 30 lbs to go until I reach my goal weight of 145. The secret of my success has been to treat it as a lifestyle change and not a diet. Thanks, Byron!

15 pounds lost!

"You have helped me accomplish in 3 months what I could not with over three years of working with numerous doctors, health practitioners and health coaches!" - Patricia K.

I have my energy back! Now I am sleeping better, I wake up refreshed and ready to go, I have consistent energy throughout the day, I don't have the debilitating twice-a-week migraine headaches, I can concentrate and do not have brain fog. For that alone I am forever grateful to Wellness Resources. On top of all that wonderful success, I've lost 15 pounds! Oh yes, and my blood pressure went down. The top number was consistently in the 150's and the bottom averaged 96 prior to the weight loss. Now I am in the 140's over the 80's. It is truly amazing.


My before and after pictures do not reflect as much in terms of drastic weight loss because I am 6 feet tall. However, I do believe the pictures capture my happy smile now that I am feeling so much better. I notice the weight loss mostly in my mid-section. My shorts are not as tight and fit much better around my hips and stomach. One thing that I noticed is that I look more defined in terms of muscles. I believe it is because I followed Byron's advice to the letter and ate tons of protein based on my target weight.

My children have their mom back. Thank you so much everyone at Wellness Resources. You have helped me accomplish in 3 months what I could not with over three years of working with numerous doctors, health practitioners and health coaches! Better yet, you offered free help, podcasts, online classes, and articles on exactly what was happening and why.

I hit every weight challenge you mentioned, figured out a path forward based on all your advice on the web site and after the conversations I've had with folks there. Plus your supplements actually WORK! I still have 15 more pounds to go but am confident that this too shall pass now that I am armed with the right information and how to solve my particular weight loss puzzle. And, I always know I can have sessions with Byron to pinpoint things even further if I need to. Anyone who wants to lose weight and get their health back really needs to work with the folks at Wellness Resources. You guys really know what you're doing. I am thrilled and eternally grateful.

20 pounds lost!

"I lost 20 lbs and reached my goal!" - Joan G.

I can't believe I did it; I lost 20 lbs and reached my goal! A year ago my doctor told me my cholesterol and triglycerides were high and I could afford to lose some weight. I ignored the advice for some time and then decided to participate in The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge. After reaching my goal, I was in for another physical and was amazed that my cholesterol and triglycerides were in the normal range (175 and 93).


I'm also amazed at how much better I feel when I eat according to the Leptin Diet and have learned there is very little room for error when it comes to our health. I'm now very conscious as to what and when I eat. This is something I will continue to be aware of and hope to report back next year that I've kept the weight off. Thank you so much for all of your tips about dieting and weight. Knowledge is power and it helps to know how the body assimilates and requires food. I will be forever grateful.

63 pounds lost!

"I feel better and have more energy than I have in 30 years!"
- Laura G.

I may not have the most dramatic story, but it was life changing to me! I am over 40 and have struggled with weight ever since I had my last child over 22 years ago. I have tried different things to lose weight and get myself healthy. Nothing ever really worked, and I was starting to have stomach issues, muscle aches, neck and shoulder pain and fatigue which are the start of fibromyalgia! I have seen firsthand what this can do to people, and it scared me to think that I could be heading for a life of constant pain.


Then my mother told me she just learned about Byron Richards and Wellness Resources. She said there was a website, and so I went online to check it out. I started listening to his online classes and I quickly realized that I finally found the answers that I had been looking for. I bought the Mastering Leptin book, started following The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet, and taking the suppliments that my body needed. I found myself a work out program, and I did the Jump Start program and was amazed that the cravings were just gone like magic!

I have had to work through some issues, and had some plateaus, but nothing worth having is ever easy is it? Every time something wasn’t working, I called Wellness Resources and they helped me figure out what to do. The Leptin Diet® Weight Loss Challenge gave me the incentive to finish what I started. I am now under the goal weight that I set for myself at 132lbs! I have lost a total of 63lbs, since my before photo. My symptoms have cleared up, and I feel better and have more energy than I have in 30 years!

I cannot give enough praise to Byron Richards, the Leptin Diet, and everyone at Wellness Resources. You have totally changed my quality of life for the rest of my life! Thank you so much and God Bless you all!!

24 pounds lost!

"24 lbs. lost; I consider it a resounding success." - Barbara J.

The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge provided me with an opportunity to take a good hard look at the issues I face and the factors that play in them, and the bearing they have on the toxic weight I carry around every day. It wasn’t pretty, nor was it easy. This is very hard work. That is why when I say even though my weight loss is modest compared to some, 24 lbs. off a morbidly obese body, I consider it a resounding success.


You see, I didn’t just lose a few pounds, I gained so much more. You have provided me with the tools to help me live better with the issues I deal with on a daily basis: Fibromyalgia, thyroid, arthritis, allergies, asthma, back pain, and misinformed ways to deal with it all.

Through all the many research articles, helpful and timely advice and education of the processes at work in my body I have leaned that I have many ways to improve my health and quality of life. I now know how to help myself get from where I started on this journey to where I want and need to be. I have only just begun. My tool bag is packed and my ticket bought and I am on my way. My destination is healthy weight loss and lifelong good health.

I have seen many doctors, read many books, taken many classes and followed the advice of others on a similar journey. I have never found the wealth of research, information, guidance, education, and supplements that work anywhere like I have received from you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with not just a leg to stand on, but two legs firmly planted and feet pointing down a path to a healthier more productive life. Words cannot convey my gratitude! I am and will continue to be a lifelong customer.

13 pounds lost!

"At age 67, I lost 13 pounds and 3 inches around my waist!"
- Christine D.

In actuality, the Leptin Diet was the way that I was brought up - three good balanced meals each day. Nutritious home cooked food. I lived on a farm and our meat and vegetables were raised there. And, I was healthy.


It was not until I moved to cities and became part of corporate America where I ate processed, commercially raised meats, fruits, and vegetables and was subjected to stress of deadlines, etc., that I began to have health challenges. At work there was always good (usually sweets) to help relieve the stress. Little by little I gained weight and my health began to deteriorate. Getting the weight off has been more than a challenge. In 2006, I weighed 258 pounds. In the past five years I lost fifty-two pounds which brought me down to 206 pounds, but I never seemed to be able to break below that number and stay there.

At age 67, I began The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge at 206 pounds and am currently at 193 and therefore, have lost 13 pounds. Per my BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis), my body fat actual weight reduced from 100.2 pounds to 94.0 pounds. However, the best part is that I lost 3 inches in my waist, which is critical because that’s the visceral fat which is harmful to my health. In total I have lost 16.75 inches.

I found eating the three meals a day, and occasionally 4 small meals a day, that I usually was not hungry between meals. However, if I felt hungry, I told myself that I was thirsty and drank water. And, since eliminating sugars and reducing starches, I don’t crave sweets. On a few special occasions I had a sweet like cake or a cookie, and they didn’t even taste good. I found that by following The Leptin Diet® that I have become more conscious of what I am eating and realized that I had been a mindless eater.

I did increase my exercise some, but I should have increased it more. If I had, I would have lost more weight. However, I am more aware of the need for exercise and am increasing it because I feel better the more that I exercise. I feel much better. My head is clearer, I sleep better, and most of the time I have more energy. I look younger even though I look young for my age, and my clothes are either too big or just fit better.

I have a way to go to be healthy, but I am on the right path and heading in the right direction.

Thank you, Byron, for sharing your knowledge and caring about others.

More Success Stories

"I had thought that losing weight wasn't possible for me. I am now back in the mid-130s and actually have hopes of reaching my ideal weight in the 120s!" - Sharon G.

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I signed up for The Leptin Diet® Weight Loss Challenge because I wanted access to more great information from Byron Richards. I wasn't actually expecting to lose any weight, because my weight has been 'stuck' for several years. I am happy to report that I have lost about 5 pounds and my waist measurement has gone down by ½ inch!

I was really inspired by The Leptin Diet® Weight Loss Challenge! I decided to write down everything I ate, and also the nutritional information for each food item. This was simply an observational exercise, but I did find myself making a few adjustments to my meals here and there, like adding more protein or reducing carbs. I also increased a few of the supplements I was taking, including Daily DHA™ and Vitamin C.

Byron's excellent articles inspired me to address some possible hindrances to my weight loss, especially digestion issues and germ gangs. I really appreciated all the helpful information in these articles and in Byron's podcasts!

I had thought that losing weight wasn't possible for me. I figured my weight wasn't budging because of middle age, or because of hormones. I had lost hope of ever seeing the 130s again. Thanks to The Leptin Diet® Weight Loss Challenge, I am now back in the mid-130s and actually have hopes of reaching my ideal weight in the 120s! Many thanks to Byron and the Leptin Diet coaches for your help and inspiration!

"I lost 10 lbs., my cholesterol has gotten better, I have more energy, and I feel and look fantastic!" - Naira Z.

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We take our health for granted, without realizing how precious and fragile it can be until a disaster strikes: unexpected, ruthless, shocking. ..

I immigrated to the USA almost 20 years ago. I was in perfect health and eager to take advantage of everything this country has to offer. Looking back, I see how naive I was to believe that everything is being done with welfare of people in mind: the plethora of food in colorful packages was very inviting, notes on cartons were very promising, and happy faces of chubby children and celebrities were very convincing. Unknowingly, I started "poisoning" myself and my family.

Soon, I started gaining weight and health problems. I was diagnosed with cancer that shattered my world and mortified me with fear of what is going to happen to my young children if I am gone. Armed with determination and a goal to survive, I went through treatment and was declared cancer free.

Eternally grateful to be alive, I started getting into proper nutrition, supplements, reading labels, questioning contents, and scrutinizing every bit of information gotten from conventional media. I discovered Wellness Resources with its wealth of health information, podcasts and high quality vitamins that I purchase for my family.

The Leptin Diet® Weight Loss Challenge has helped me to get back on track. I adapted The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet® because I saw its great benefits: I lost 10 lbs., my cholesterol has gotten better, I have more energy, and I feel and look fantastic. The biggest challenge for me was to break a habit of snacking even on healthy stuff. I find it easy now to go without eating for 5-6 hours after eating protein for breakfast, and incorporating some protein in lunch and dinner. I could not wait for weekly LD tips: it was an eye opener. I do not consider The Leptin Diet® a diet to be on to just lose weight. To me, it is a lifestyle that I follow painlessly. I cannot describe how happy I am to have made these life-altering changes!

"I have lost 3 inches around my waist and my stomach has gotten a lot flatter." - Roseann E.

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I have lost 3 inches around my waist and my stomach has gotten a lot flatter. I am thrilled with the getting into smaller clothes but I have also noticed an increase in energy, sounder sleep and an over all sense of well-being.

My twelve year old son is also following The Leptin Diet® and has lost ten pounds. I am thankful for the help and the high quality supplements that will promote mine and my family’s wellness.

"The Leptin Diet eating plan works!" - Jamil A.

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I'm a senior citizen (OVER 60). I've been trying to loose weight for what seems like forever. I exercise by going to the gym, eat what I consider to be an extreme regiment which consists of raw vegetables and occasionally meat like sardines and tuna. I weighed 225 lbs before starting to eat a modified vegetarian diet. My weight dropped to around 210 and would not budge regardless to what I did. More veggies or exercise did not help. After being on the Leptin Diet for about 2 - 3 weeks, suddenly one day when I got on the scale, I saw 197 lbs. I nearly fell off. I swore something was wrong. The next day, the same, 197 for sure. Now I'm convinced. The Leptin Diet eating plan works!

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What is Leptin?

I have spent more than twenty years on the front lines of clinical nutrition helping thousands of people solve very difficult health problems – naturally. In all these years I have never encountered more powerful principles of health than those relating to leptin.

The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet

There are five simple rules that form the core of The Leptin Diet. The <i>quality</i> of the food you eat is of course important. What is interesting about The Leptin Diet is that it is just as important when you eat as what you eat.

The Mastering Leptin Lifestyle

In order to really take charge of leptin you have to actively manage it. Think of leptin as the conductor of your orchestra; will you play beautiful music or does your body suffer from out of tune noise?

"I lost 14 pounds in two months by following the Five Rules of The Leptin Diet!" ~Claudia B. **
"Since reading The Leptin Diet book and starting to take some supplements, I feel the best I have in 20 years!" ~Marge M. **
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