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There are many nutrients that beneficially impact leptin-related metabolism. Nutritional supplements are tools to use in an overall program to make weight loss easier, help you stay on track and overcome obstacles often encountered as you try to lose weight. A comprehensive approach will help you manage your weight in a healthy way over the long term. This includes following the Five Rules of The Leptin Diet: exercising consistently, getting quality sleep, and managing stress well.

Wellness Resources Leptin Diet supplements were formulated to improve leptin hormone communication, reduce food cravings, increase energy, improve blood sugar metabolism, and support blood sugar function. They make getting started easier and can help you get beyond a weight loss plateau.* Beware of quick-fix diet pills or supplements that contain leptin. If you are overweight, you actually have too much leptin and the signal isn’t getting to your brain efficiently; this is called leptin resistance. Improving the actual health of your metabolism and hormone function is the key to lose weight healthily and keep it off.*

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Discover the Five Rules of the Leptin Diet for weight loss success.


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Jump Start Program

Get your metabolism into gear with the 21-day jump start!


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Delicious Leptin Diet approved recipes.


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What is Leptin?

I have spent more than twenty years on the front lines of clinical nutrition helping thousands of people solve very difficult health problems – naturally. In all these years I have never encountered more powerful principles of health than those relating to leptin.

The Five Rules of The Leptin Diet

There are five simple rules that form the core of The Leptin Diet. The <i>quality</i> of the food you eat is of course important. What is interesting about The Leptin Diet is that it is just as important when you eat as what you eat.

The Mastering Leptin Lifestyle

In order to really take charge of leptin you have to actively manage it. Think of leptin as the conductor of your orchestra; will you play beautiful music or does your body suffer from out of tune noise?

"I lost 14 pounds in two months by following the Five Rules of The Leptin Diet!" ~Claudia B. **
"Since reading The Leptin Diet book and starting to take some supplements, I feel the best I have in 20 years!" ~Marge M. **
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