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Menstrual Struggles

The menstrual cycle is one of the most energy-demanding functions in the female body, requiring the energy output of 8 hours of construction work a day for the week prior to it starting -- on top of everything else that has to be done. Because your menstrual cycle is about survival of our species, its energy needs will take priority over any other energy needs you may have -- including having enough energy for healthy brain function.

The mood issues that many women feel at this time are primarily about entering into this time of the month without enough energy reserves to have it run smoothly. Any improvements made in any of the previous sections will help. For example, I often see menstrual strains disappear when following The Leptin Diet -- as energy efficiency is improved and this leaves more energy to run the cycle smoothly.

I have also designed a product, Female Plus, which assists the whole menstrual cycle to run smoother. This product is especially important if the menstrual time is not a pleasant mood experience each month.*

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    Smoothes out the menstrual cycle, for any age (PMS, irregular or skipped cycles, etc.). Effective support for stopping hot flashes. Works by supporting the adrenal glands.*

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