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Vitamin E & Heart Health

Wellness Resources® Daily Super E contains the best form
of vitamin E ever discovered, called tocotrienol. We use a special mixture of alpha and gamma tocotrienol with no filler oils of
any kind.

Alpha tocotrienol provides highly superior cellular uptake and antioxidant activity, especially for brain cells and cells that line arteries. Gamma tocotrienol is a natural regulator of cholesterol, supporting the ability of the body to maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range. No vitamin E supplement on the market today compares to the quality of Daily Super E. This is a true breakthrough in vitamin E nutrition.*

The worst form of vitamin E has an "l" after the "d" in the name.
An example is dl alpha tocopheryl. It is derived from coal tar and belongs in the trash with any other supplement made by that company, who is clearly producing low quality products.

Most natural vitamin E is derived from soy oil; the finished capsule contains 30 percent to 50 percent soy that has been oxidized (damaged) during production. This means the soy will use up the vitamin E while it sits on the shelf. This is not an effective product.*

The tocotrienols in Daily Super E are derived from rice brain oil, a highly superior source that maintains its potency for the shelf life of the product.

Some tocotrienols are from palm oil and contain almost all gamma tocotrienol. Plus, the palm oil they contain is so thick that other oils must be added to make it flow in capsuling machines. Our unique vitamin E supplement combines the super antioxidant alpha tocotrienol along with the cholesterol modulating gamma tocotrienol, all in a pure and undiluted form.*

  • Daily Super E
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    Daily Super E™ contains the special form of vitamin E known as tocotrienol, a true gift of nature to your health. It offers highly superior antioxidant protection for your brain and circulatory system. Unlike plain vitamin E, tocotrienols even support healthy cholesterol metabolism.*

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