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Vestibular evaluation using videonystagmography of chronic zinc deficient patients due to short bowel syndrome.

Study Abstract

The presence of zinc in the auditory pathways and its probable participation in tinnitus and hearing loss are known facts, although there are no clinical trials and experimental studies showing the impact of hypozincemia in the vestibular system and zinc existence in the vestibular pathway, respectively.

Aim: This study is an attempt to correlate hypozincemia and abnormal vestibular function.

Methods: This is a clinical retrospective case study where nine patients suffering of chronic zinc deficiency had their serum zinc determined and were submitted to videonystagmography. Results were compared to a normal (control) group.

Results: All vestibular test parameters were altered when we compared experimental and control groups.

Conclusion: Comparison between groups shows significant differences in many aspects of the vestibular analysis and calls our attention towards a possible participation of zinc on the genesis of vestibular disorders.

Study Information

Am J Otol. 1989 Mar;10(2):156-60. PMID: 2786676.

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