Study Title:

Tocotrienols in cardioprotection.

Study Abstract

Tocotrienols, a group of Vitamin E stereoisomers, offer many health benefits including their ability to lower cholesterol levels, and provide anticancer and tumor-suppressive activities. Several recent studies determined the cardioprotective abilities of tocotrienols, although the number is only 1% compared to the study with tocopherols. Both in acute perfusion experiments and in chronic models, tocotrienols attenuate myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury, artherosclerosis, and reduced ventricular arrythmias. Apart from the antioxidative role of tocotrienols, it appears that tocotrienols mediated cardioprotection is also achieved through the preconditioning-like effect, the best yet devised method of cardioprotection. Hence, tocotrienols likely fulfills the definition of a pharmacological preconditioning agent and give a tremendous opportunity to place tocotrienols as an important therapeutic option in cardiovascular system.

Study Information

Das S, Nesaretnam K, Das DK.
Tocotrienols in cardioprotection.
Vitam Horm.
2007 March
Cardiovascular Research Center, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, Connecticut 06030, USA.

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