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The Role of Na/K-ATPase Signaling in Oxidative Stress Related to Aging: Implications in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease.

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Aging has been associated with a series of pathophysiological processes causing general decline in the overall health of the afflicted population. The cumulative line of evidence suggests an important role of oxidative stress in the development and progression of the aging process and metabolic abnormalities, exacerbating adipocyte dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, and associated complications at the same time. In recent years, robust have established the implication of Na/K-ATPase signaling in causing oxidative stress and alterations in cellular mechanisms, in addition to its distinct pumping function. Understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms and exploring the possible sources of pro-oxidants may allow for developing therapeutic targets in these processes and formulate novel intervention strategies for patients susceptible to aging and associated complications, such as obesity and cardiovascular disease. The attenuation of oxidative stress with targeted treatment options can improve patient outcomes and significantly reduce economic burden.

Na/K-ATPase signaling; aging; cardiovascular disease; obesity; oxidative stress

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Int J Mol Sci. 2018 Jul 23;19(7). pii: E2139. doi: 10.3390/ijms19072139.

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