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The history of iodine in medicine Part I: from discovery to essentiality.

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The essential element iodine has been kept in the Dark Ages over the last 60 years after World War II. In order to partially remedy the gross neglect of this essential element by the medical profession, poorly represented in medical textbooks and vilified in endocrine publications, The Original Internist will start a series of publications on the history of iodine in medicine from discovery to the present. This series of publications is part of a book on the Iodine Project which was implemented by the author six years ago. Over the last four years, a series of publications by the author and collaborators have appeared in The Original Internist, rediscovering iodine as the universal medicine, (1-13) a status iodine held for over 100 years before World War II.

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The Free Library (March, 22), (accessed September 22 2021)

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