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Strategies for new Vaccines

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Vaccination is well known to control many current infectious diseases. However, the development of cellular (Th1) immunity to control viral pathogens, among others, requires the development of new vaccine adjuvants. The use of Toll-like receptor ligands or cytokines has shown much promise, although specificity and toxicity are issues with these strategies. Targeting intracellular signaling pathways may allow for greater specificity of the adjuvant, as well as reducing systemic toxicity. Studies targeting these pathways are discussed, as well as their potential applications in the future.

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Wales J, Foxwell B, Feldmann M.
Targeting intracellular signaling: a novel approach to vaccination.
Expert Rev Vaccines.
2007 December
Imperial College London, Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, The Charing Cross Hospital Campus, Arthritis Research Campaign Building, 1 Aspenlea Road, London W6 8LH, UK.

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