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Q10 Boosts Macrophages, Extends Survival of Cancer Patients

Study Abstract

Over ca. 25 years, assays in animal models established the hematopoietic activities of coenzyme Q's in rhesus monkeys, rabbits, poultry, and children having kwashiorkor. Surprisingly, a virus was found to cause a deficiency of CoQ9. Patients with AIDS showed a-"striking"-clinical response to therapy with CoQ10. The macrophage potentiating activity of CoQ10 was recorded by the carbon clearance method. CoQ10 significantly increased the levels of IgG in patients. Eight new case histories of cancer patients plus two reported cases support the statement that therapy of cancer patients with CoQ10, which has no significant side effect, has allowed survival on an exploratory basis for periods of 5-15 years. These results now justify systematic protocols.

Study Information

Folkers K, Brown R, Judy WV, Morita M.
Survival of cancer patients on therapy with coenzyme Q10.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun.
1993 April
University of Texas, Austin.

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