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Q10, Aging, Thymus Atrophy, and Poor Immunity

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A pronounced suppression of the humoral, hemolytic, primary immune response in old (22 months) mice was demonstrated as compared with this response in young (10 weeks) mice. The suppression is associated with a lower thymus weight:body weight ratio. In contrast, the ratios spleen weight:body weight and liver weight:body weight in 10 weeks and 22 months old mice remain almost constant. A single administration of coenzyme Q10--a non-toxic, non-specific stimulant of the host defense system--partly compensates the age-determined suppression of the humoral, immune response. This suppression probably results from an age-dependent imbalance of T cells: B cells ratio and a decline of their immunological responsiveness which is compensated by the administration of coenzyme Q10.

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Bliznakov EG.
Immunological senescence in mice and its reversal by coenzyme Q10.

1978 March

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